Mama’s Playground Style Refresh (Starring Free People)




Facebookers have spoken:  Mama needs some playclothes.  And while there’s only so much that can realistically be done with playground style (due to uh, extreme conditions – and I’m not talking about the weather), I thought it would be fun to try and nudge our playground uniform in a fresher direction.  (Nudge, rather than trying to start a new thing, like #velvetattheplayground or something.  Actually, brocade would be better – it’s so stiff, I’m pretty sure all of the dirt would wipe right off.)

ANYWHO.  Assuming that your playground uniform is basically some form of jeans, sweater, flat shoes, done…..we’re nudging.  Ready?

Cozy Knits + Military + Quirky Hat

If you don’t have a perfectly drapy, cozy knit, you’d be hard pressed to do better than this Free People turtleneck sweater.  Pair your something cozy with some flat military boots for a little edge and a quirky pom-pom hat for fun.








The soundtrack to this picture would be, “UUUUUUNNNNNHHHH!”  6 year old boys are shockingly heavy.







And the soundtrack to THIS picture is Pax going, “MOM!  Peetend I TCHOKE YOU.”


There are just so many things, you guys.  So many things I never imagined my children would do.  #pretendtochoketheirmother  #actuallytrytochoketheirmother <– Pax only.  (My disclaimer)




hat: Topshop (sold out)…but Jonathan Adler’s hat has a similar vibe (more hat picks at the end of the article)

sweater: Free People Turtleneck Sweater (size XS)

jeans: Rag and Bone Stretch Skinny Jeans

boots: old, but Steve Madden’s Troopa boot is similar (a few more boot picks at the end of this article)



Ratty Sweater (you know you have one) + Interesting Cuffs + Faux Fur Scarf

I’m amazed by how much cooler anything looks when you let contrasting cuffs peek out.  (And a little faux-fur never hurts either.)





I’m kinda obsessed with these Free People Apline Cuff henleys.  They are nice and long, super cozy warm, perfect for nursing, come in a zillion colors, and the cuffs?  I dream of these cuffs.  Instant outfit upgrade.




Raines challenged me to a fence-climbing contest.  Guess who won?


NOT YET LITTLE BOY.  NOT YET.  (My look of glee?  Thinly disguised desperation.  It was close.)




ratty sweater: old, well-worn Vince…but this Free People Teddy Bear sweater has a similar vibe

henley:  Free People Alpine Cuff Henley (size Med)

faux fur scarf: old, but BP’s faux fur infinity scarf is similar

jeans: Rag and Bone Stretch Skinny Jeans

sneaks: regular Converse hightops, but I’m loving these Fancy Hi sneaks by Converse.  Same thing, but better.


Just for fun, here are a few other Free People favorites that would be amazing for the playground.  (And I couldn’t help but throw in a few more options for military-ish boots, quirky hats, and faux fur scarves).





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photography credit: by Mike Draugelis