Man Must-Have: The Breton Striped Tee




Mike does best when….how to put this…he doesn’t really need to worry about matching.  Consequently, the man owns a drawer full of gray t-shirts.

One of the easiest-ever guy wardrobe upgrades is to swap a plain tee for a breton-striped one.  Since stripes are a neutral, they really do go with everything (even plaid shorts).  And if your guy is a simple jeans-and-khakis kind of guy?  He really, really needs one of these.



1. Merona Ultimate V-Neck Tee, $13

Yup, this is Target, folks.  And the tee Mike’s wearing in the pic.  I need to pick up a couple more of these.

2. Gap Essential Striped Tee, $20

Wow.  So European for Gap.  Nice.

3. Old Navy Men’s Striped Heathered Tee, $15

4. ASOS Selected T-Shirt With Stripe, $34

Not exactly Breton stripes, but I really, really like this one.

5. ASOS New Look Striped Tee, $19

Love the red and the really slim fit.

6. Banana Republic Soft-Wash Micro-Stripe Crew, $35

I always love Banana’s tees for men.

7. J.Crew Deck Striped Tee, $45

Love the slim fit…but some reviewers are complaining about the length being too long.


Guess what caused Pax’s sad-clown face?



A dropped ice cream cone.  Isn’t that awesomely cliche?  I love how his whole body just sags.  TOTAL.  DEVASTATION.

And then I caught R doing this:



MikeTarget striped tee, Scotch and Soda shorts – J.Crew’s are also nice and slim, Vans for J.Crew,  Salt sunnies

Pax – Gap tee, Nico-Nico shorts

RainesSimilar Crewcuts Star Wars tee, Petit Bateau shorts



OMG.  Brothers.




  1. Haha those faces!! Poor boys 🙂
    Love the tees!! Now I just need one (no, I won’t wear it at the same time as my husband, that’s just weird).

  2. I was headed to Target anyway this morning so picked up that tee. Now just to see if he’ll wear it… V-neck, kind of sheer, taking a risk with this one. 😉

  3. I just want you to know that I am loving these man features! It is HARD to figure out manstyle. Real manstyle, you know, not fussy fashion magazine man style. Keep it coming!

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