Cozy Nostalgia: These Matching Family Holiday PJs Bring The Joy


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The first movie I ever took Greenlea to was The Peanuts Movie. She was just shy of two years old and I took her to an early matinee on a Monday afternoon, so we basically had the theater all to ourselves. I wasn’t sure if she was going to actually watch the movie, but she LOVED it – especially the Snoopy scenes where he was the World War I Flying Ace.

Watching her watch that movie reminded me how much the Peanuts gang was a part of my childhood. It was always the first comic strip I read when dad brought home the Sunday paper, I remember watching my sister play the role of Peppermint Patty in “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” (I thought she was so cool), and I loved watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” every year before Halloween and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” during the holidays. Mom would pop popcorn and we were allowed to drink root beer…of course, this was long before streaming, and any time I was allowed to watch cartoons outside of a Saturday morning – or drink soda, for that matter – was a rare and special treat.

The soundtrack to that Christmas special evokes those memories and feelings of nostalgia every time I hear it. All of those Peanuts characters – Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy – they’re really just lovable, endearing characters who remind me of my own childhood. And I think it’s kind of charming that my kids are experiencing them just like I did – and love them just as much.

matching family pajamas. peanuts at target

Ozzie: pajamas (xs) Scotti (middle): joggers (s) | sweatshirt (l) Greenlea (right): joggers (m) | sweatshirt (m)

Matching Family Pajamas: Target’s Peanuts Family Holiday Collection

It’s no secret that I’m a huge proponent of matching family pajamas and loungewear year-round, but especially during the holidays. I always picture a cozy evening filled with laughter, hot cocoa, decorating the tree, maybe watching a holiday special…

In my mind, everything is perfect, but reality is a bit – more real. The kids always fight about something completely inconsequential and trivial like who gets to put the last ornament on the tree or who has more marshmallows in their hot cocoa (it’s literally always equal – always). 🤦🏼‍♀️

But the pjs and fleece sets…those are easy. They’re one thing we can all agree on. This year we added pieces from Target’s line of Peanuts Family Holiday Collection that feature all of those characters we know and love. (And they include joggers and crewnecks so I can actually wear them out of the house without feeling like I’m in my pjs.)

matching family pajamas. peanuts at target

joggers (s) | sweatshirt (l)

I sized up in the sweatshirt and down in the joggers. I wanted it to feel a little more like leggings and an oversized sweatshirt rather typical matching loungewear. I liked the oversized fit of the sweatshirt and the fact that the bottom draped nicely without being too tight.

matching family pajamas. peanuts at target

joggers (s) | sweatshirt (l)

If I had stuck with my regular bottom size (medium, usually a 6/28), they would have added more bulk underneath since I went with an oversized look in the sweatshirt. The small size fit more like leggings (but they don’t have a ton of stretch). I’d say the sizing chart is spot-on – go with your normal size if you want them to look more like typical sweatpants, size down for a legging-like fit and up for an oversized look.

Side note: they don’t have pockets. Some reviewers hated this, but I actually prefer it. Pockets in sweatpants typically add so much extra bulky fabric and unnecessary layers so I liked the sleek fit of these.

matching family pajamas. peanuts at target

joggers (m) | sweatshirt (m)

G is wearing the kids version of the joggers and sweatshirt and she likes them so much she’s actually wearing them at school as I type this – and that’s about the highest praise this picky girl can give! (She’s usually a 9/10 and the mediums fit her best.)

matching family pajamas. peanuts at target

socks advent calendar | pajamas (xs)

Ozzie could have gotten the toddler version of the sweatshirt, but when he saw these pajamas, he was sold. The fabric is super soft and comfy, too. He’s wearing the xs (4-5), his typical size, and they were perfect (if not just slightly too big).

matching family pajamas. peanuts at target

advent calendar

We also picked up some festive socks for the season. If there’s one thing my kids love – ok, and me too, tbh – it’s socks. A pair of fun socks can literally turn around their entire day.

matching family pajamas. peanuts at target

But here’s a tip: if they come in the form of an advent calendar, make sure you explain how that works ahead of time. (He popped all of them out immediately.)

matching family pajamas. peanuts at target

I also had fun showing the kids how these crackers work. Our family has been using crackers during Christmas dinner since I can remember and these socks would be fun to pull out every year (unlike the paper crowns, which get thrown away shortly after we eat).

joggers (m) | sweatshirt (m) | crackers

The kids just thought they pulled apart, so when I showed them how to snap them to make a noise, they were super excited.

matching family pajamas. peanuts at target

They both wanted to throw the socks into the air and Ozzie wanted to go first…

…but Greenlea threw them before Ozzie was able to gather them all together. (That face!)

matching family pajamas. peanuts at target

So we had to convince him to take a turn even though he wasn’t first. (This picture says it all.)

And all was well. (Remember what I said about the picture in my head vs reality?) 🤣

Ozzie: pajamas (xs) Scotti (middle): joggers (s) | sweatshirt (l) Greenlea (right): joggers (m) | sweatshirt (m)

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Cheers to comfy cozy nostalgia this holiday season!



photo credit: J.Birdie Photography

A huge thank you to Peanuts for sponsoring this post! I love all the matching family pajamas (especially when they’re comfy and cozy) and the socks have been fun for all of us to wear to get into the holiday spirit. Thank you Janine for your awesome photography skills! And readers, thank you so much for your continued support of us. It is so very very much appreciated!

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