Fall Trends: Maternity Edition


Last month we delivered a Fall Trends report with the most wearable trends. Those that we are actually trying and incorporating into our wardrobes. However, we know that when there’s a bun in the oven not everything applies so we want to help find ways to blend fall trends with maternity style. Below you’ll find maternity and non-maternity clothing that will carry you this pregnancy in style.

Fall trends that work for maternity style

1. Statement Shoes

Easiest trend to incorporate and the one that makes anybody look on trend. If you are like me who chooses to dress in neutrals all the time a statement shoe will do wonders. A pair of low-heeled Chelsea boots in a leopard print will take even a leggings + tunic look to another level. Need to dress up? A block-comfortable heel in a gorgeous dark red or brocade will look amazing with dresses and tights..and with jeans and leggings of course.

  • Sam Edelman Taye Bootie – 3″ block heel. Crafted suede booties. They come in Mauve velvet too.
  • Dolce Vita Pointy toe chelsea boot – 1 3/4″ heel. Comfortable and stylish. Comes in white too if you want a low-heeled white boot and black patent which I’m in love with.
  • Seychelles Audition Bootie: I own these. The heel is super comfortable and the burgundy color goes with everything. Also love the taupe color.

2. ’70s Vibe

Not sure about corduroys, but I’m all for ribbed knits and wrap dresses during pregnancy.

Wrap dress: The universally flattering dress looks even better on a expecting body.

Ribbed striped dress: Knit rib clothes don’t even need to be maternity to be able to work as maternity. I can attest to that because that’s all I wore last year while pregnant. Ribbed dresses and sweaters and they still fit with no trace of having been stretched to fit a giant belly.

  • Asos midi dress in stripe – Love the subtle color blocking. I swear this will work for all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

3. Something Red

Red is so HUGE this fall and what better way to showcase that beautiful belly than in a red dress. Additionally I would just wear a red moto jacket over everything instead of my usual black. Black leggings and tee or sweater? Throw a red biker on top and call it a day. I swear you’ll be the most stylish preggo.

4. Sport Chic

Sporty as in comfortable? Say no more! I would switch the black top for one of these with leggings or maternity jeans and the red biker jacket!

  • White Panel sweater – Off course you don’t need everything maternity so this oversized sporty sweaters will work during and after.
  • Asos maternity Nursging tee – I found this tee which is both maternity and nursing and I’m obsessed. It has zippers right along the raglan sleeve.

5. Slogan Tee

OK, let’s be honest slogan tees are nothing new for maternity style, but these two are so cool!

6. Oversized Jackets

I’m not really into oversized jackets but I do love how they look on pregnant women. I would just keep everything else fitted. Is there a better season in life to wear bodycon anything? An oversized jacket over a bodycon dress looks so good.

I think there’s two must have: an oversized denim jacket and an oversized cardigan that has double function.

7. Camo

Add camo in the way of comfy joggers and military jackets. For joggers or sweatpants there’s no really need to get maternity. Regular sweatpants with a maternity top works just the same. I liked to wear a belly band tucked in them for extra warm or for the last days that no top could cover my giant belly entirely.

8. Leather

Faux leather leggings…need I say more?

9. Cropped Jeans

Ok, so here there’s no need to buy cropped maternity jeans. If you find a pair you love do what Shana or I do. Cut them and throw them in the washer machine. I did that last year with my maternity jeans and it sure made me feel more fashionable. I love a good slim boyfriend jean and a pair of skinnies.

Shop more fall trendy items for maternity


Last but not least, you are gorgeous and look beautiful even when you don’t feel like it. Hormones are the worst!

Att: a woman who would feel horrible while being pregnant.

Chao, chao Julieta.


  1. Thanks for the pregnancy post 🙂 Just one comment, I think bodycon on a pregnant body only looks good if you have a waist still. When pregnant I carry very round all around my middle rather than way out front and bodycon is definitely not flattering, at least on me! Just wanted to mention that since it seems to be touted as a “given” that pregnancy means all those fitted dresses finally work. Not for everyone!!

    • You’re totally right. My bad. I would love my belly in a tight fitting dress but not the rest of my body. For that I really loved a cardigan on top to cover my waist and bum.

  2. This is great, thanks Julietta!!
    Wondering if anyone has any good advice on Winter coats?? I thought I would be able to pull off wearing my normal long puffy coat until March but as the first snow arrived in Montana this week I have quickly figured out that this third-pregnancy belly is going to need a different way to stay cozy!

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