The Search for My Favorite Maternity Jeans (See The Pairs I Tried)


Ugh, maternity jeans.  I never actually found a pair I liked during my first pregnancy.  I was teaching, though, so I relied on lots of sweater dresses and leggings.  I really wanted to find a pair this time around, so I ordered a ton of styles and sizes and huffed and puffed my way into and out of them, on the search for some comfortable, flattering (I mean as much as possible) maternity denim to wear from now until September, when the baby is due.  (Maybe even after, because who knows how long it’ll be til I put my “regular” jeans back on.  Last time it was never . . . never did those jeans get back on my body, so I’ve tempered my expectations).

Here’s what I found:

The Yeses

Good American: The Honeymoon Low-Rise

(Size 4: I wear a size 2 in the high rise non-maternity jeans, but these run truer to size . . .  I could have gone with a 6 as the 4’s were pretty tight.) These are comfortable, stretchy and don’t bother my belly.  They were too long, so I cut off the bottom and let the hem fray.  I like the working zipper/button closure and the soft side panels.  These were definite keepers for me because they felt the most like “normal” jeans and I’ll definitely be able to wear them for awhile (you can barely see the side panels).

Good American: The Honeymoon Low-Rise Cascade Hem

(Size 6) These were super comfortable right out of the package.  I like the stretch, the soft panels, the zipper closure and the interesting hemline . . . I decided to keep these over the mid-rise (next pair below) because I couldn’t get over the feeling of the higher rise on my belly.

The Maybes

Good American: The Honeymoon Mid-Rise Stagger 

(Size 4) Very comfortable – the inset panels are soft and don’t dig in.  These are like the perfect compromise between over the belly and under the belly.  I’m a little too short to highlight the cute staggered hem on these, so keep that in mind if you’re 5’4″ or under!  I feel like these would be great post partum too . . . when over the belly maternity jeans will no longer fit (especially if you have a c-section and low rise bothers your scar).  I also liked the butt on these . . . thank you, Khloe Kardashian.

Paige Transcend – Verdugo Ultra Skinny Maternity Jeans

(Size 28) Ridiculously soft, but these ran realllly long . . . the actual fit of the jean was compromised because of it.  They’re called ultra skinny but because of the length they weren’t very skinny around my ankles.  I liked the fact that they actually had working zipper/button closure and the softness of the fabric was almost worth it. Almost.

GAP Maternity Inset Panel True Skinny Jeans

(Size 6) These were a bit too stiff and scratchy for me, but I liked the way that they fit.  They were a tad too long (I would have cut the hem) but I liked the low-rise and the small inset panels.  I couldn’t get over the material, though, so they went back.

The Noes

Ingrid & Isabel 

(Size 28) These were ok.  I liked the distressing and the rinse but the belly didn’t fit yet.  They would probably be great in the last trimester, but I’m wondering if it would be worth it to spend $100+ on a pair of jeans that would only fit for a few months.  Maybe if my third trimester was in the winter, but since it’ll be in the summer, probably not worth it for me.  These were comfortable and soft, though, and had the belly fit I would have loved them.

1822 Denim 

(Size Medium) These were really soft and comfortable but the belly came up too high (higher than the band of my bra) and the top of the actual jean material was too low (you could see the belly panel with normal length shirts).  I liked the wash and distressing but wish they had belt loops to hike them up.  In order to pull them up when they fall down I had to pull up from the belly panel and it was kind of a pain, considering they were falling down a lot.  I was bummed because I love their regular line of denim!


(Size 28) I really liked the way these fit and the fact that they were under the belly.  BUT . . . the inset panels were SO scratchy, I couldn’t believe it.  These would be great if anyone knew of a way to remedy the scratchiness but as is it drove me nuts. Deal-breaker.

Did I miss your favorite pair of maternity jeans?  Let me know!  Hope these pics helped some mamas out there!




  1. I just had my second and I hated my maternity jeans the first time around. I decided to splurge and got the AG maternity jeans from a pea in the pod. I had to size down but they were amazing…no saggy crouch, no hitching them up midway through the day!

  2. Paige – Skyline I think. The perfect amount of stretch and looked just like my regular pair – from the thighs down anyway. My friend told me I wouldn’t regret the money spent on a great pair of premium maternity jeans and boy was she right. They were my hero on more “omg I simply can’t get dressed like this” days than I could count.

  3. DL1961 Jess ankle skinny jeans…got them used but in mint condition from Poshmark and LOVE them! They are perhaps the most flattering jeans I’ve ever worn, maternity or not (and I have AG Farrah non-maternity jeans so saying these are maybe more flattering is saying something!).

  4. I was lucky enough to snag the jcrew maternity matchstick jeans during my second pregnancy (I managed to wear normal clothes through my entire first pregnancy). For the price point, they were great! For the life of me I cannot figure out why they discontinued the maternity line. Or the baby line!!

  5. That was the glorious thing about being due in August, though…dresses only! (And leggings for cold nights if you’re in MI like me…lol)

  6. Yes yes yes to the Paige skyline maternity jeans!!! For the third trimester, when the above
    Belly cloth was necessary, the Gap skinny maternity jeans were a nice bargain. But the Paige…I swoon even now. Also, h&m had some great maternity cords for those whose, ahem, duration extends into the fall/winter.

  7. Congrats! My favorite maternity jeans are Articles Of Society from Pea in the Pod. They are the softest jeans! And only $70! And they have non maternity ones at Nordstrom in the BP. They are as comfortable as AG!

  8. I had the same pair of Paige Transcend Verdugo maternity jeans in silvie grey, I loved them even though they were too long on me too. Ridiculously soft though.

    Did you try the Madewell maternity jeans? They were my favorite because the fit was perfect (they would stay put) and so was the inseam length (no cuffing necessary).

  9. No suggestions on jeans…but a plea for more maternity posts! Especially first trimester and post-pregnancy (which I find the hardest to dress for…my regular clothes don’t fit, but I’m not quite ready for the maternity stuff).

  10. Just letting other readers know that I LOVE the 1822 maternity ankle skinny jean. I have a longer torso, so the belly band fit me fine and I while I normally don’t love the over-the-belly style, I have liked it this time around (9 months pregnant with my third child). These jeans were so comfortable and I never had to hike them up like other jeans (Madewell, Gap).

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