Maternity + Nursing-Friendly Party Dresses (that will make you feel like one hot mama)



Well, first of all. Holy wow. Nursing boobs. I think that I needed to reconsider my support with this dress, but eh. Hindsight is 20/20 (especially when you have picture proof) and…who cares, because I felt SO FRIKKIN’ HAWT it doesn’t even matter.

At first, I was a little self conscious and hesitant about wearing it at all. I mean, the boob issue and then I just…well, I’m a MOM. What business do I have wearing something so sexy? Well, I went with it anyways…and ya know what? It felt great. I didn’t even end up caring that my nursing boobs weren’t in tip-top shape for it…and my husband didn’t complain too much. 😉

I think there comes a time when caution just has to be throw to the wind, because life is too short. You have a holiday party to go to and ummmm whether you’re pregnant, nursing or postpartum…you deserve to feel like a hundred bucks for ONE night. So. Buy the dress. Wear the dress. Show some leg. Let those nursing boobs droop (just a little) and don’t give a flip about the jiggly bits. OWN IT, lady.

I’m convinced that wearing a really good dress, even just once a year, is good for your health. Seriously.








outfit details

dress: Bec&Bridge Arizona Plunge Dress – love it. It was a little hard to wear a really supportive bra with though (obviously). I wore sticky cups and it…kind of worked. Now, this Cassie Dress from Revolve is AMAZING. It looks like it would be easier to wear a nursing bra with, too.

shoes: Halogen Lace-up flat – now sold out. Their new lace-up flat is so good though…and Marc Fisher has an excellent pair as well. Ah! They also have this Studded Pair. Goooooodness. Decisions, decisions.

clutch: Sole Society, old. The Crossweave clutch is pretty similar. I’d also totally carry their new Suede Shoulder Bag with this dress. Gorgeous.

earrings: Treasure & Bond Stardust Earrings – can’t see them in my photos though…bummer. They’re awesome.


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All photos by Ariana Clare.


  1. I switched from the Galloon Lace Racerback to the Galloon Lace Halter from Free People for when it’s visible, but admittedly, even my nursing boobs are small (32 Cish). Pulls aside ok but provides some support. Can’t do the no support thing with my 2nd time around nursing boobs, even if they are small.

  2. You are fabulous!!!! One thing though, we all deserve to feel like a hundred bucks (or more!) each and every day–not just one night. Here’s to more dresses, more leg, more jiggly bits, more OWNING it in 2017 for all of us!!!

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