I struggled BIG time with my last pregnancy when it came to keeping it stylish, or at least feeling good in what I was wearing. Unlike my first pregnancy, I felt awkward, larger and could not muster up any of that “glow”…not even for a second. I can’t remember wearing one maternity outfit that I absolutely loved…and it was a bummer. A. real. bummer. I may have cried a lot (maybe. definitely).

That is precisely why I wanted to take on this post and, while I did hyperventilate a bit here and there trying to get it together, it was worth it. Por qué, Cams? Well, of course, because I get to provide all of you with some killer maternity outfits (and I do know that many of you have been asking for awhile now), but also…because I now know that if I ever have to face a pregnancy wardrobe again, I will be better prepared this time around and walk into my closet full of gusto and confidence. No “glow” necessary.

At least, that’s the plan…

Beachside or Poolside

It’s all about easy, breezy and comfortable. Basically, a maxi.




1. Maternity Night Lily Maxi Dress – I love this dress…and it comes in non-maternity as well, btw. It just looks extremely comfortable – perfect for slipping on and off at the beach or pool. I also found this ASOS maternity beach dress and Mama.licious Printed Maxi that are both very cool and very comfortable looking.

2. ASOS Maternity Swimsuit w/ Bow – this is one of the cutest maternity swimsuits I have seen.

3. Rayban Aviators – a pair of aviators is always a good idea. They always remind me of summer.

4. DV Ceyla Ankle Strap Espadrille – these are awesome. I don’t know that I’d wear them on the beach, but definitely on the boardwalk or anywhere off the sand. 

5. Straw Tote – just a great bag to stuff everything you need into – sunscreen, towel, water, book (not that I do that anymore. Read? With kids? On the beach? You crazy. haha).

6. Jack Rogers Thong Sandal (platinum) – I included these as well, because…well, I love a pair of JRs, but also…because they’re a great sandal to slip on and off on the beach and by the pool.


So. Wearing something comfortable is preferred if you’re running around, yeh? Well, what if you could be comfortable and feel like a hot mama all at once? A dress with sneakers, ladies. S recently showed you how and now I’m showing all of you mamas-to-be how you can rock the look, too…



1. Isabella Oliver Ellis Maternity Tank Dress – Okay, I lied. I did have one article of clothing that made me feel awesome while pregnant. My one saving grace during my last pregnancy was this dress (but with ruching on the sides). I can’t praise Isabella Oliver enough. They make the best well-made, stylish, flattering and comfortable maternity clothing that I have ever come across. I’ve tried many different maternity lines and nothing comes close to Isabella Oliver. Nada.

2. Breda Classic White Leather Watch – so stinkin’ fresh…most especially for Summer.

3. ASOS Silver Aviators – yep, more aviators, because…summer and they are the coolest.

4. Land’s End Canvas Tote – I have a canvas tote that always comes with us. It’s big enough to fit all of the kids things and then side pockets for my stuff. It’s awesome. I’m considering ordering one of the Land’s End ones…just so that I can have one with a cute monogram. The prep in me just can’t be contained sometimes.

5. BP. Chambray Boyfriend Shirt – My love, my lost love. *sniff* I just recently lost this shirt…and I am still mourning. It’s a great one. With this outfit I’d wear it tied around your waist. Now, IknowIknow…What waist, Cams? BUMP. You can tie it around…under the bump. I have seen it done and it looks so cool. You can just wear it, too…haha.

6. Superga Cotu Classic – I am a recent Superga convert (don’t worry, Chucks. You’re still my fave). They are a great pair of shoes to have…to throw on with tons of stuff – jeans, shorts, sweats, casual dress, pencil skirt. They’ll make your running around a bit more comfortable, too.

hmmmm. I surprise myself sometimes with how preppy I can be – canvas bag (monogrammed, no less)…with supergas? Whoah. I almost added a baseball cap, but had to stop myself. whoah. whoah. whoah. We’re getting dangerously close to S having a prep-attack. 😉

Weekend Away

If you’re getting away this Summer…first off, I’m jealous (take me with you?) and second, you’ll want to pack clothes that not only make you look on top of your game, but also ones that you can actually wear all day…as you adventure around and have the time of your life. I think a slouchy, yet feminine top and drawstring pants are a good place to start…


1. HATCH the Maya Top – HATCH has a very cool maternity line – trendy and comfortable-looking. I may have to try them out next time and see what I really think about them. Have any of you? Let me know your thoughts.

2. HATCH the Stroll Short – oh, yes. These look like a pair of shorts I would like to rock on the daily while pregnant.

3. ASOS Aviators – again with these. I can’t stop, because aviators are THE sunglasses of Summer (in my opinion).

4. BP. Straw Panama Hat – I always come back to this hat. I might have to get it…or it’ll haunt me forever once it sells out.

5. Gentle Souls Caged Sandal – !!! these are incredible and come in many different colors.

6. Steve Madden Convertible Drawstring Backpack – this bag reminds me of S’s ridiculously cool fringe backpack, but I choke a bit when I see the price tag. This is a great option for those of you with a more limited budget. As is this F21 fringed backpack.

Work to Play

Maternity clothing can be tough, because while you do want to have clothes that fit you well throughout pregnancy, you may not want to spend a ton on a short-term wardrobe. However, if you find a maternity staple that is versatile and can be worn a few different ways…it’s worth buying. Especially, if it can go from workday to fun night out. SWEET.



1. Striped Maternity Bodycon Dress (nursing-friendly!) – the stripes say SUMMER and it’s nursing-friendly. whoop whooooop!

2. BB Dakota Drape Front Jacket – a lightweight jacket, perfect for those places that crank up the a/c to sub zero temps. It easily transitions from day to night, too! I found this Trouve Draped Moto Jacket that is a bit more budget-friendly, as well.

3. Sole Society Mackenzie bag – this one looks like it has enough room for all work-related items…and it can be converted into a backpack. Pretty cool.

4. Steven Vienna Sandals – I am currently having a love affair with these. They have a lower heel, are comfortable (for a heel) and sexy.

5. Sole Society Vivian Sunglasses – a cat eye ups the ante. Chic.

6. BP. Chevron Pendant Necklace – adds a little fun to the dress, which makes it more evening-worthy

7. Averie Woven Clutch – I have this clutch and really dig it. It’s a nice pop of color…and I really like it with the stripes.

8. Dolce Vita Tessah Sandal – HOT and suprisingly comfortable (I have them). You want to do something a bit more for a night look and these shoes definitely do it for ya.

Now, if you’re looking for more maternity swimsuits or something to wear to a wedding, head on over to our 2015 Swim Guide and Weddings & Parties Boutique. There is some seriously good stuff to be found there.

I’m hoping this was exactly what you needed, mamas. If not, let me know what other types of maternity outfits you are looking for and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction…or even do some more maternity outfit posts in the near future, because…I’m crazy like that and enjoy hyperventilating on the regular. Only for you though.




  1. 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and I so feel you about not even being able to muster up the “glow”. However, sadly, none of your outfits work for me. I think it’s mainly that I rarely do dresses, although I do like your last outfit I literally have no reason to get that dressed up ever as a SAHM. Also I am short, short, short, so that might be the other bit. I would love to see some casual maternity outfits with pants. Thanks from this getting bigger by the second mama!

  2. I love dresses, but especially in summer while pregnant, there is some sweaty chafing that goes on in the skirt area. Do you have any recommendations for under-dress wearables to keep the thigh rub to a minimum?

  3. Last summer I was pregnant. I was wearing a lot of leggings under knee length dresses. I also wore a lot of maxi dresses, stretchy. I would actually recommend getting clothes from the non-maternity section. They just fit better. Plus I am able to wear them this summer as well. Thanks to stretchy material. Plus you look really cute showing off the bump in form fitting clothes.

  4. I have several pieces from Hatch and they are all awesome. They are meant to be worn while pregnant and then after and for a lot of them I will say that is very much the case. That said they are definitely investment pieces. I recommend watching Gilt for them to appear and they also do a sample sale twice a year that is pretty amazing. My other maternity mainstay is Asos.com. It is the best fashionable collection in my opinion.

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