12 Things Getting Me Through Postpartum


We just had our second little girl, Eleanor, two months ago, and while it’s most definitely smoother the second time around (if only your second could be your first!), there are a few postpartum items that have been invaluable to helping us make the most of this 4th trimester — especially as we navigate naps, breastfeeding and maintaining this mama’s mental health.

So, in this video, I’m sharing a dozen tried-and-true items that are getting me through this postpartum period — many of which we used with Lana, too. (If it ain’t broke!)

Nothing big-ticket here — no strollers, car seats or fancy bassinets. Just a few game-changing essentials that have helped us make the transition from one to two a little bit…well, simpler, let’s say. Hope one or two of them will help ease this season of life for you, too.

12 Postpartum Must-Haves I Swear By For The 4th Trimester

Huogary Milk Frother – I had my previous milk frother for 11 years before it petered out, and when it did, one of my friend’s gifted me this one, with the promise that it worked as well as, if not better than, my Aeroccino. (It should be noted she’s the same friend who turned me onto using my milk frother to make my daily matcha, so I trust her authority on the matter.) It produces super voluminous, silky foam, and looks chic and minimal on the counter, too.

Encha Matcha Powder – The same friend introduced me to this matcha a few years ago, and since then, it’s the only matcha I drink. The flavor is bright, slightly nutty, a little grassy — not at all bitter or muddy. And it’s the brightest, most verdant matcha I’ve tried. Truly beautiful and delicious, it’s converted quite a few friends who swear they “don’t like matcha.”

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling – For me, this is the simplest carrier I’ve used. It’s easy to get baby in and out quickly, it’s comfortable, and it works from infancy through toddlerhood. Bonus that it wears well — our linen version has been through four babies and is still so beautiful. And as far as carriers go, it’s even somewhat chic. I’ve even worn it to weddings.

Biossance Squalane + Rose Oil – The one part of my beauty routine I’m unwilling to sacrifice in the name of time, even during this season of life. Leaves my skin feeling nourished and looking so revitalized and dewy, and the fragrance from the rose oil is super-faint, so I’m not concerned about it irritating baby when we’re close. I use it morning and night.

Dohm White Noise Sound Machine – The sound produced by this white noise machine is so pleasant — and it’s an actual, physical whirring from a fan-like device within versus a digital sound (simulated static or ocean waves, etc.) that a lot of white noise machines produce. You can subtly change the pitch and volume of the whooshing sound using the vents, too. We have one in every bedroom in our house.

Dock-A-Tot – Worth the investment, despite what I may have initially thought. Such a cozy, handy, safe place to set baby down for playtime, reading, tummy time — Eleanor even dozes in it if she falls asleep nursing and I set her down. (To be clear, Dock-A-Tot specifies it’s not intended for sleeping, so we try to use it for supervised napping.) It moves around the house with us regularly, and Eleanor is always happy to have a cozy spot to chill.

Dock-A-Tot Cover – Plenty of options out there for Dock-A-Tot covers; this one is more affordable than the Dock-A-Tot brand covers, and I love the plush, almost corduroy-like fabric and the minimalist styling. Available in a few other colors, too.

Night Light – This slick little affordable egg light is one of my go-to baby shower gifts. It brightens/dims and changes warmth with just a tap or two. Lana was able to operate it herself when she was just a toddler. Perfect for late night diaper changes or breastfeeding, or as a night light all night.

Silverette Nipple Cups – Worth the splurge, friends. The healing properties of real silver make these a must-have for sore, damaged or chafed nips, especially early on when you’re trying to nail that perfect latch. Just tuck them into your bra to protect nipples from abrasion or chafing while they heal.

LANACare Wool Nursing Pads – THE BEST NURSING PADS, hands down. They stay warm, even when wet, so they’re not cold, funky and uncomfortable on your breasts. And they naturally produce lanolin to condition your breasts and nipples as they absorb excess milk. Don’t be scared of the oversized proportions — they’re designed to cover a larger portion of the breast so that they blend more seamlessly into clothing.

Medela Manual Breast Pump – I work from home so I only pump a single bottle a day for our girls, and this Medela is the most efficient way to pump a few ounces or to pump for comfort or through a heavy letdown. I’ve also been known to pump a quick bottle in the car when baby wakes up desperately hungry on road trips.

FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator – Eleanor had a cold when she was just a few weeks old, and this was key to easing her congestion so she could sleep. Works just as advertised — one end in baby’s nostril, one end in your mouth, and suck that snot right out.

Placenta Encapsulation – I had postpartum depression following Lana’s birth, so I was prepared to do almost anything to help prevent that the second time around. I had my placenta encapsulated by one of my midwives, and whether it’s the placebo effect or not, my mental state is far better this time — as in, I’m actually enjoying the experience. Definitely something worth looking into if you’re not opposed to the idea. I am so glad I did.

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