Maternity Wear that Makes Me a Teensy Bit Sad I’m Done With Belly Business


M + HLAWell Mamas, I’m three weeks out from having the babe who changed my life forever.  Again.  Again again. And as I’ve surfed the internet for fab fashion over the last few lazy, sleepless weeks, I’ve found myself drifting back to the maternity section.  And then I realize, I will likely never have need of maternity gear again.  Um <sob>, ever.  And while I’m thrilled to see my feet, and glad to be able to clear out a third of my closet, I can’t help but feel a little wistful bidding adieu to my child bearing years and settling into my child rearing years.

While a good half of what I wear while pregnant is not maternity wear, there’s much to be said for the comfort of clothing specifically designed for pregnant moms-to-be–pants are a must and the extra length on tops helps keep the bump covered and cozy.  And given what a long way maternity wear has come in the last few years, I no longer (and a little too late) find the prospect of wearing maternity clothing so shockingly abhorrent.

I love that colored denim, bodycon silhouettes and horizontal stripes have made their way so quickly into accessibly-priced collections.  Here are five hot mama maternity outfits my wanderings turned up over the last few weeks.  They make me wonder why I ever wasted a second worrying about the size of my bum whilst growing a human life and think hmmmm. . . I could do this again.  Maybe.

5 Maternity Outfits That Make Me a Tiny Bit Sad I'm Done With Belly Business



Time flies too fast, Mamas!  If only having sweet babes actually slowed it down.

– M.


  1. M, this made me sad! Or….wistful? Augh! I can’t decide if we’re done! I really, really can’t decide….
    (but crazy fab outfits, btw. And I found myself gazing into a maternity boutique the other day. Why do we do this?)

  2. I’m in the “should we have one more, should we not” (we already have 4) stage and I gotta say, at the risk of sounding vain, the clothes these days are crazy tempting. I know, not really a valid way to plan your family size, but hey, I am what I am.
    Cute babes M!

  3. Thank you! This halter dress is perfecto for a wedding I’m going to in Mexico this spring. You saved me so much shopping agony … plus it’s on sale for $36! Love this pic btw – the look on H’s face is priceless.

  4. I had my third and last girl 7 months ago and am absolutely done. I was just doing your exercise for finding your personal style and pulled out an ad for a maternity outfit, it just looked so cozy and cute!

  5. Congrats M! I can’t believe he’s 3 weeks already, he looks so mature and healthy, what a beautiful baby. Cheers to 3 boys! Hope you’re doing well. xo

  6. It’s great that retailers are finally realizing that pregnant women have no reason NOT to dress this fab. I am so glad to be a Mom when there are options to look good. We still have more kids to come, but I imagine i will be sad at the thought of the prego/new baby stage being over. I guess all we can do is enjoy every day because things are always changing. Congrats on the new little one!

  7. Can anyone advise on the Asos jeans sizing? They start with “size 4” and then the next size is “US size 6” (??) What would I order if I’m normally a 26/27 in jeans?
    Thanks for these amazing ideas. I’m on my 2nd pregnancy and don’t want to buy any more boring maternity clothes.

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