NinoBrand Convertible Maxi Dress: How to Style for Fall

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Remember the NinoBrand Livy dress that both Shana and I love?  My sister-in-law, Anne, loves it too.  The versatility of this dress is insane.  I mean, not only can it be worn as a shirt or maxi dress (or even a mini dress), but the fact that it has been flattering on my sister (a size zero, straight body type), myself (a size 6-8 pear), and my sister-in-law (a size 4-6 with broad shoulders and a big chest) is pretty amazing.  Here’s how Anne is wearing hers now and into fall:

Over Black Skinnies maxi dress for fallWearing:

NinoBrand Livy Dress

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack

Black Skinnies

With a (Faux) Leather Jacket & Scarf maxi dress for fall maxi dress for fall


NinoBrand Livy Dress

Topshop Faux Leather Jacket

Infinity Scarf: (Similar) Super soft cashmere and available in a ton of colors.

Greenlea’s Outfit:

(Faux) Leather Jacket: I die!

Graphic T: Her print is sold out but there’s lots of cute ones left.

Skirt (similar): G is obsessed with tulle skirts.

Leggings: Never enough black leggings.

Sneakers: She loves the sparkly glitter on these! (Ok, I do too – I kinda wish they came in my size!)

Bow: I love accessorizing with bows (while she’ll let me).




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