Maxi Dress Styling Idea: Knot A Tee Over It

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Last summer, Raines spent two weeks at Camp Twin Creeks, a sleepaway camp. Long story short? Pax and I (both back at home) went mental; Raines loved it.

We pulled into the parking lot where you meet the buses (based in West Virginia, Camp Twin Creeks buses kids in from DC), and I literally turned around and was like, “RAINES! YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO! HONEY, WE CAN GO HOME RIGHT NOW!!”

Raines, used to his mother’s, um…dramatic tendencies, just rolled his eyes. “I’m gonna be fine, Mom.” And then, noticing my expression, adds, “You’re gonna be fine, too, Mom.”


Somehow in the packing frenzy, I ended up throwing a tank top over my maxi dress to hide a spill as we were running out the door. A serendipitous spill, as it turns out, because this knotted-tee-over-maxi-dress is one styling trick I keep trotting out on the regular. Tricky bra issues you don’t feel like dealing with? Knot a tee. Ate too much + tight dress situation? Knot a tee. Just need a change up? YUP: Knot a tee.

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Funny story: after we dropped off R, we took Pax to the Baltimore aquarium. We were standing in line for tickets, and I must have spaced out for a minute, because all of a sudden I hear over the loudspeaker, “HEY KHALEESI – TICKET WINDOW 3 IS OPEN!”

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Outfit Details

dress: NINOBrand x TME Special Collaboration Livy Dress (wearing a size 1 here) – this gorg dress actually turns into a top – you can see it in action here.

tank: Foster LA Mother of Dragons Tee – shoot! It looks like they’re not carrying this one anymore. I love supporting Foster LA, but if you really want a Khaleesi shirt, this one. (Actually, I want EVERYTHING in that Etsy store. Especially this and this.)

sandals: last year’s Steve Madden flatforms…here’s a similar pair from this year.

accessories: Chan Luu wrap bracelet, old Makr rucksack – no longer available in white, but I realllly like this one and this one, too.





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  1. Priscilla Morales on

    This WHOLE post was fantastic. Also, next time you are in Charm City, I suggest taking a water taxi with P. It is awesome!

  2. Do you have a tutorial on how to knot the shirts? I’ve tried this look before and it always ends up looking like a really funky weird knot or I feel like I don’t have enough material to do the knot, etc.

  3. Haha that would have made my day. I’ve been doing this with a midi dress that is a little too low cut. I use a skinny black hair tie to keep my t shirt knotted.

  4. Elizabeth Rafter on

    Love this look! So good. And leaving one of them at sleep away camp…brutal! But only for moms, apparently.

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