Maxi Dresses for Moms With Curves or Big Boobs


We have two goals here:  Make the girls look good, and support 'em. 
So.  You want to find a maxi dress that will allow you to wear a nice
supportive bra underneath, AND one with a deep v-neck.  A V-neck cut is
more slimming for those "extra lucky" in the boob department.  The deep
V-neck will also show enough skin to keep the whole look slimming and
sexy, and not like an aged Grandmother celebrating her 50th wedding
anniversary in a Hawaiian themed muumuu (Grandma got away with it
because she was 76.  When I'm 76 I will do the same.  But not until
age 76). 

Below left is the Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati Empire Dress
in purple floral, $128 at  I love the color, I love the
neckline, and how the cut just skims over the model's curves.  She can
also wear a bra underneath.  It's perfect.  This is one of those dresses
that could easily be worn out and about with the kiddo, or to a summer

Below right is the Jersey Maxi Dress
by Boden, $88.  Again, the neckline is nice and deep, but still
supportive (and bra friendly), and the skirt skims nicely over curves
and poochy stomachs.  I don't love the length, but I suspect that the
model is very tall (and in heels), so it would probably be fine for
most of us.

Sweetpea  Boden

talking about boobs, there are different definitions of "big".  If you
have big boobs, but are still comfortable in a strapless bra, then the
below look from Victoria's Secret is for you.  The Maxi Dress, on sale for $99, will show off a tiny waist, skim over hips, and still shows enough skin to be sexy.   





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