Maxi Dresses for Moms with Saggy Boobs


If your post-pregnancy or – even
worse – post-nursing boobs reduce you to tears….turn away from the
mirror.  We just need to do a little camouflage.   Most post-preggo/nursing
boobs can be supported with a good bra (even if it's strapless).  So
make sure you have a good strapless bra that fits.  The problem then becomes
the cleavage.  It's the cleavage that gives away the sag.  So avoid
maxi dresses with deep v-necks (I know, I know – that rules out most of
them) and try a couple of different options:

Halter Neck Maxi Dresses

halter neck maxi, when worn with a good strapless bra will easily hide
any sagging boob problems.  Below left is Manambe Dress, $168 from  It's silk, so not great for running around (but
perfect for a wedding), it's pretty, and the shape is perfect.  Look
for one like this.  

Below right is a yellow tie-dyed Grecian Goddess Maxi Dress, $61, from  Notice how high the neck is – no saggy cleavage will peak out.

 Silkhalter    Grecianhalter

Strapless Maxi Dresses

your saggy boobs are also relatively small, strapless is a great
option.  Just make sure you wear the strapless top high enough to hide
the cleavage.  And again, get a decent strapless bra. 

Below left is the Cora Long Dress by Lauren Conrad, $229.  The ruffle will further help to distract from any sagginess.    Below right is the Strapless Burst Maxi Dress, $28, from forever21.  The bright pattern will also camouflage any lumps or bumps that are hanging lower than they should. 





  1. brilliant posts on all the maxi dresses but this one is the best 4 me:) next up…strapless bra review?? that one would really help! ps. also loved the workout wear post. did some shopping from athleta with your advice in mind!

  2. thanks for this article, i have got few good tips and ideas and dressing up better and this is something that i can share to my friends who are having some problem in dressing up and looking good after they gave birth. nice post and interesting site. well done!

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