Maxi Dresses For Nursing Moms


Nursing moms need support (for heavy, milk-filled boobs) and easy
access (for starving, wailing babes).  I haven't been able to find any on-trend nursing dresses. 
Ugh.  We should invent some.  In the meantime, with a little
creativity…here are a few options for nursing moms:

Strapless layered over a Wide-strap Tank Top

a tank top with wide straps – wide enough to hide the straps of a
nursing bra, and layer it under a strapless maxi dress for a cute,
summery look.  If you've managed to find a nursing bra with cute
straps, letting them peek out is OK too.  (I have a list of these kinds
of nursing bras – will do a post soon).

Below left is Forever 21's Tie Dye Print Maxi Tube Dress, $28. Layer this dress over any white (or brown) tank top for an easy, slightly boho look.  I'm showing Target's Mossimo Scoop Tank in white, $9.

Forever21 Target Mossimo Scoop Tank

Strappy Maxi Dress Layered with a Nursing Cami

other favorite trick is to layer a nursing cami under a strappy maxi
dress.  My favorite nursing camis are from Glamourmom – they come in
short and long styles.  I usually like the long styles for wearing
alone or layering under tops, but if you are worried about bulk, stick
to the short style under dresses.

Here are two of my favorite nursing cami/maxi dress combos:

Below is the Gisele Striped Maxi Dress
by Gypsy 05, available at for $154.  The buttons help
to ensure easy access for hungry little one.  I like it paired with a
simple white nursing cami (showing the Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank in white, $34).

GypsymaxiGlamourmom Nursing Bra Tank

Next, I like Old Navy's Smocked Jersey Maxi Dress in Navy Stripe, $29.50.  I love this dress paired with Glamourmom's red Nursing Bra Tank, $34.

 Oldnavy Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank

Look how happy the model is to be walking around and nursing.  Cracks me up.  I am not that talented.   I need to nurse sitting down, usually wrestling with a wiggling babe, while I attempt to suck down gallons of water.  I think nursing dries up all fluid in my body.



UPDATE:  May 2010 – Looking for more ideas?  Check out our guide to the best summer dresses for nursing moms!


  1. Hi–don’t know if anyone’s still interested, but I’ve searched hi and lo for nursing maxi dresses and here’s what I’ve found…Japanese Weekend sales 3 full-length nursing maxis for $82. Your color choices are black, multicolor, and magenta. And now for the super surprise– now sells nursing maxis by Moody Mamas that are around $45 in teal, grey, and black. Both brands are comfy, cool, and can be worn during maternity and nursing stages. Hope this helps someone!

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