I have (somehow) managed to successfully avoid guy style sales picks this year. To be honest, I’m not even sure where to start. THANK GOD for Scotti and Z though, he’s got weekend casual down to an art form. And by art form, I mean there are no blue button downs and suit slacks involved. Just sayin’. Stay tuned for their take on Men’s Date Style coming next week to the blog!! But Z – Mike D and I really need this like…yesterday.

And don’t forget to check out our full Guide to Memorial Day Sales.

Here are our contributor finds for guy style on sale:

A here.  Channeling my inner J.  Or maybe choosing things I’d wish upon him.  There’s a fine line there.  xoxo



Scotti’s Picks

There are a TON of great sales for guys’ stuff right now . . . and I’m getting lots of ideas for Father’s Day!

Conor’s Picks

Our videographer, Conor was nice enough to jump in and round up some of his favorite sale finds. His style is very clean cut, skews a wee bit preppy (and I love calling him out on that) but he magically comes into work EVERY DAY and looks put together. Thank you for the daily guy style inspo, Conor (and the amazing videos..that too). Here are his picks:


Gwen’s Picks

Hey there! Considering the mass amount of women’s clothing I round up on the daily, guy stuff always feels fun to cull through. Here are some things I would seriously consider..




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