Memorial Day Outdoorsy Sales – Essentials For Beach, Picnicking, Hiking & Camping


Memorial Day sales are going strong right now, and it’s quickly become our favorite time to stock up on all the things for summer activities. We’ve got a team full of people who love all the outdoor adventures — camping, hiking, picnicking, beaching or pool-ing (is that a word? Haha). Time outside always does us some good. 

This same team of people have outdoor staples they swear by for all of the aforementioned activities – many of which are currently on sale! As someone who doesn’t often participate in these activities myself (besides the pool or beach lol), I’m officially ready to start after years of seeing how passionate the rest of the team is about the outdoors. Someone take me camping!! 

Psst: If you’re looking for more Memorial Day sales, our Cheat Sheet is a good place to start, with Memorial Day sales for every category, not just outdoors.

The Best Memorial Day Sales For Outdoor Activities

I’ve curated a few lists of the things the team loves and needs for the beach/pool, a hike, camping, or a sweet picnic by the water. If you’re looking for restocks, upgrades of old gear, or, you’re like me and just need somewhere to start? We’ve got you covered (and it all happens to be on sale for Memorial Day!!)

The Top Essentials For Picnics (On Sale)

Shopping the Memorial Day sales? On it! All the best deals on fashion, beauty & home products, all in 1 spot. From Dyson to Saks + Nike to Nordstrom, our top picks.
  • The stemless wineglass set in the most fun colors – these.
  • The stemless wineglass that’s classic, but not boring – this.
  • The best glass if you prefer whiskey – this.
  • The most reliable, durable picnic mat – this.
  • The most versatile indoor-outdoor blanket that doubles as a mat – this.
  • The basket set that keeps everything cold and fresh – this.
  • The most gorgeous picnic basket – this.
  • The cutest & most colorful cooler bag – this.
  • The most nostalgic picnic option – this.
  • The best way to pack fresh fruit – this.
  • The best way keep salads cold – these.
  • The prettiest napkins to pack – these.
  • The coziest pillows (for sitting) – these.
  • The best smelling way to keep the bugs at bay – this.
  • The actual best way to keep bugs away – this.
  • The utensil sets that keep things organized – these.
  • The plates even the kids will appreciate – these.
  • The cutest thing (in case you brought corn) – these.

The Top Essentials For Beach & Pool (On Sale)

  • The coolest (and most relaxing) float – this.
  • The float that made me lol (the kids will love) – this.
  • The most fun (and way too gorgeous) towels, everthese.
  • The super absorbent towel that keeps away odors – this.
  • The most comfortable beach chairs – these.
  • The personal shade that goes with those beach chairs – this.
  • The table you’ll be happy you brought (just in case) – this.
  • The cooler that’s easy to carry – this.
  • The cutest umbrella (in all the best colors/patterns) – this.
  • The adjustable beach cabana – this.
  • The beeb’s own anti-UV tent – this.
  • The best thing to haul all of the beach stuffs – this.
  • The sunscreen we all swear by – this.
  • The beach game anyone can play – this.
  • The most stunning pickleball (or paddleball) set you ever did see – this.
  • The only sand toys you need – this and this.
  • The inexpensive beach bag that comes in a ton of colors/patterns – this.
  • The bathing suits we’re loving right now – these.

The Top Essentials For Hiking (On Sale)

memorial day sales
  • The most reliable hiking boots – these.
  • The prettiest, lightweigh windbreaker – this.
  • The backpack that can fit everything – this.
  • The backpack that doubles as a water bottle – this.
  • The water bottle that’s easy to carry (and store) – this.
  • The cozy socks that don’t wear out – these.
  • The light you might end up needing – this.
  • The compass that’s fun for kiddos and useful – this.
  • The spray you may need (ya never know) – this.

The Top Essentials For Camping (On Sale)

memorial day sales
  • The best tent for snoozing – this.
  • The sleeping bag that’s actually cozy – this.
  • The water resistant lantern – this.
  • The lantern that keeps mosquitos away – this.
  • The inexpensive cooler that works great – this.
  • The stove for the in-house chefs and newbies – this.
  • The portable pizza oven that’s totally worth bringing – this.
  • The thing that’ll make you say “This is the life” (I promise) – this.
  • The seating you can cuddle up in – this.
  • The pot you need for cooking over a fire – this.
  • The compact cutting board and knife set – this.
  • The complete stainless steel dish set – this.
  • The best camping pots – these.
  • The accessories for the grill master – this.

Happy camping, hiking, beaching, pooling and picnicking!


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