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When Mike and I first started working, it was during the dot-com boom, and dress codes everywhere were loosening up.  Everyone – even corporate Lockheed Martin – was trying to emulate the cool, Silicon Valley start-up vibe, and most of us (the young engineers, anyway) all wore jeans.  My typical work uniform was jeans, stilettos, an oversized, un-tucked button-down…topped with a ponytail, haha.

Predictably, this didn’t last.  Not only have corporate dress codes smartened up in the past few years, but on a personal level, Mike changed jobs and now wears a full suit – and tie – everyday.

Creating a suit wardrobe from a closet full of jeans and bad khakis has been, uh, challenging.  Our favorite places to shop for men’s suits is Nordstroms, and the anniversary sale (which starts THURSDAY WOOT WOOT) is – hands down – the very best time to shop for suits.

Mike’s fav?  Hugo Boss.  They’re expensive, but these things last.  Mike is a suit power-user:  he travels in them, skateboards to work in them, tosses them on the floor of our bedroom, couldn’t find an iron with both hands and a map, and has, on occasion, thrown the jacket over a nail to “hang” it.

Drives me nuts.

All things considered….these suits hold up pretty well.
















Mike hates this picture.  “Babe.  Too much Zoolander.”



Outfit Details

suit: BOSS Huge/Genius Trim Fit Navy Wool Suit (size 38 for reference)

shirt: BOSS Slim Fit Geometric Dress Shirt (size 15.5 for reference – Mike prefers the spread collar to the button-down collars)

tie: old – but this tie gets a ton of play.  Mike uses these cotton (or chambray) ties to lighten up a navy suit for summer.  Here are a few similar ones:


shoes: Cole Haan Warren Cap Toe Derby

backpack: old, but for a similar vibe, try the HEX infinity canvas backpack or this seriously sweet gray wool backpack from InCase Designs.

watch: Shinola – his exact one is sold out, but you can see all of Mike’s favorite watches here.

iphone case: this leather one

skateboard: all of our boards come from Casualties in Marquette.  xo


Shop Mike’s Fav Suits and Blazers


The Nordstrom Anniversary sale dates are just moments away! Let the countdown to the summer sale….BEGIN!!



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  Mike is looking forward to restocking – we’ll see you soon.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated!! Check out more men’s fashion trends if your man needs to rev up his wardrobe!

ps.  Mike wants me to mention that he isn’t totally sold on the gray sportcoat at the end of the boutique.  I like it.  We are at an impasse.


  1. Great and timely article. We just realized that my husband needs at least one more suit and were planning on hitting this sale. I would love to see a similar article on women’s suits. Like Mike, I wear one to work every day and struggle to find suits that fit and are fashionable.

    • I second ladies suits recommendations – I actually work at that very corporate company you mention at the top and am reaching a level where I should be in suits – but I hate them and all the executive women seem to have defaulted to very dated looking pantsuits to survive!! I refuse!

  2. A few thoughts…first, my husband also wears a suit to work every day and I’d love (as would he) to get him a Hugo Boss suit. Maybe the anniversary sale is the time! Second, is that your block with all of the hanging flowr pots?!? Wow!! I’m in love with it!!! Third, the “holla” entry mat…

  3. I love the Boss suits, but my husband is a big guy and can’t get the jackets tailored big enough to fit him. He needs a 48L, which they don’t sell. I’ve been dying to ask if you have recommendations for bigger suits?

  4. I’m curious if you have recommendations for men with different body types. My hubs has an athletic build from many years of soccer playing and we have a hard time finding suits that complement that.

  5. I *knew* you were going to say Hugo Boss but I read thru anyway since my artist husband still does not have a suit but I feel he should have one to give him some cred during business meetings.

    Anyhow I love that Mike skateboards to work! And that he’s super smartsy AND that you put “Wall Street douchebag” in this post. And I’m trying to get my oldest to say trip to Philly next week from DC–come hang out w me!! (Zillions of cousins in DC means this prob won’t happen…)

  6. I second ladies suits recommendations – I actually work at that very corporate company you mention at the top and am reaching a level where I should be in suits – but I hate them and all the executive women seem to have defaulted to very dated looking pantsuits to survive!

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