Style Challenge: Making Menswear Glam (But Wearable)



So…’s style challenge week!  The week where we’re each challenged to try out something outside of our comfort zone…but in a way that feels authentic, not costume-y.

My style challenge?  Menswear.   No problem.  Immediately, this is the image that pops into my head:

Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar

I mean, easy, right?  Menswear, got it.  Buuuut then the TME team clarified.  “We’re not talking about the low-cut blazer without a bra or blazer-as-a-dress thing, either, Scotti.”  Dammit.  Ok, so . . . like Shana, I had to turn to Pinterest for some help.  I started out with the idea of a slouchy blazer and loafers with boyfriend jeans.  There are SO many cute photos of this outfit all over Pinterest . . . BUT.  The problem was my body shape.  I’m definitely curvy . . . smaller waist with bigger hips and a booty and a slouchy blazer and slouchy jeans just made me look bigger.  So the hunt continued.  Then I found these pants.  So ridiculously comfortable (like wearing pjs outside) and surprisingly flattering.

Because the pants were slouchy, I needed a top that was a little more form-fitting so I reached for one of my favorite sweaters and paired it with a slim button up.  The bowtie was Zack’s idea . . . I thought it was going to look ridiculous, but I actually liked it!

The shoes . . . I just couldn’t do the loafers, guys.  I have yet to find a pair that are super comfortable that don’t make my feet look a mile long.  I went with some sexy pumps.  Gotta be true to your own style, right?  If you guys have some sexy-yet-comfortable loafer recommendations, let me know!

I wanted to try out this hair trend of layering bobby pins . . . it’s obviously messier than it needs to be, but I think I like it?  Maybe if I got some bobby pins that were a little more interesting . . .


Chambray Shirt: Available in regular and petite sizes.  I also love this  Fitted Boyfriend Oxford that’s also available in white and regular, tall and petite sizes for the perfect fit.

Merino Wool Sweater: A staple of my closet, this sweater comes in a ton of colors and regular or petite sizing.  Looks equally great with jeans, pants or skirts.  I actually wear this a lot with my sequin leggings . . . it calms down the look a bit.

Ankle Tie Pants: These have been restocked after selling out and are SUPER comfy.  I also really like these Tie Waist pants that come in navy, black and olive green.

Nine West d’Orsay Pumps (similar): These Ankle Strap Pumps come in a ton of colors, these Steve Madden pumps have a block heel for comfort and I love the tie on these pumps.

Bowtie: This was actually Zack’s bowtie AND his idea for me to wear it.  I thought it was going to look ridiculous, but I actually liked it!  I think it looked surprisingly feminine . . . almost like a necklace.