Give The Gift Of Shimmer: A Metallic Gift Guide


‘Tis the season of two great things: gift-giving and metallics. I’m sure you didn’t even need this festive little PSA but hey, when two things this perfect make this much sense together, someone needs to talk about it. Or better yet, throw it all into one epic metallic gift guide.

I love metallic things every holiday season, but this year they’re everywhere. And dang do shimmery things catch my eye. I’m obsessed with this trend, you guys. It just feels festive & right.

A Metallic Gift Guide For All Things Glistening: 28 Shiny Finds

Here are 28 of my top gift finds that all come in a lovely metallic sheen. From home to beauty, tech & fashion, it’s all here and allll shiny.

metallic gift guide

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1. Gap Big Puffed Cropped Jacket

This puffer is so good. I love that it’s cropped and silver. I’d say it also could go with… anything? Jeans & leggings and dresses alike. Also on sale for $67 right now!

Gap Big Puffed Cropped metallic Jacket

puffed cropped jacket

2. Apple AirPods Max

I mean they ARE technically metallic. Still one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given.

metallic gift guide. Apple AirPods Max


3. Stanley Quencher 40 oz Tumbler

These tumblers have been all the rage for months…. so gift a shiny silver one!

metallic gift guide. Stanley Quencher 40 oz Tumbler


4. Friendship Bracelet Apple Watch Band

How freaking cute are these Apple watch bands?? I’ve never seen anything quite as unique and fun. I’d also say these are ageless.

metallic gift guide. Friendship Bracelet Apple Watch Band

watch band

5. Anthropologie Capri Blue Candle

IYKYK. This candle is a cult-fave for sure. Gifting either of the two larger sizes would be totally wowing — especially as a hostess gift. But the little ones are just as appreciated!

metallic gift guide. Anthropologie Capri Blue Candle


6. Anthropologie Maeve Puffy Platform Slippers

The colors & metallic sheens of these slippers are sooo good. I can’t decide between that pretty moss color or this lilac blue. Love that thick platform for running for the mail in the snow (sometimes I’m too lazy to change into boots ok).

Anthropologie Maeve Puffy Platform Slippers


7. Aerie Metallic Beanie

I’ve been looking for a metallic beanie and this one is the cutest I’ve seen (and it’s under $15!!).

Aerie Metallic Beanie


8. Vanna Claire Sandstone & Jade Watch

I’ve had my eyes on these Vanna watches for years. SUCH cool designs & shapes, I’m so in love. Their Claire watch is my overall top pick because it’s a cross between a slim bracelet and a watch.

Vanna Claire Sandstone & Jade Watch


9. Glossier Lidstar Eyeshadow

I mean… how freaking pretty are these metallic eyeshadows? Under $20 and so great for any makeup enthusiast or even a newbie (super easy to slap on).

Glossier Lidstar Eyeshadow


10. Maison Storage Bath Caddy

If you have a friend who needs some me-time, get them a fancy bath caddy. Guys, it really levels up a bath. It’s great for holding a book, glass, scrub, candle or anything they’d need for a relaxing bath experience. Comes in silver, brass, and black/gold. Looks hella fancy, too.

Maison Storage Bath Caddy

bath caddy

11. Nellie Tabletop Vanity Mirror

I’m kind of obsessed with this vanity mirror. So cool to add to any vanity/desk/dresser situation. I looove any little home decor piece with gold or brass tones.

Nellie Tabletop Vanity Mirror

vanity mirror

12. Wine Chiller Bucket

These chiller buckets are SOO nice to have and to gift. Under $30 on Amazon and the reviews are outstanding. It makes any dinner feel much fancier.

Wine Chiller Bucket

chiller bucket

13. Jolie Filtered Showerhead

Haha. You may be thinking this is extremely random and not really giftable…. but I can assure you, this fancy filtered showerhead would make anyone happy. It’s been trending for a bit and comes in this pretty chrome, a brushed steel and black. Oh and Anthro has it in gold! Apparently it works wonders for hair, too. It’s on the top of my list.

Jolie Filtered Showerhead


14. Tom Ford Eye Color Quad

Shana has me reeeally wanting to splurge on a Tom Ford eye palette (she swears by hers and her eye makeup always looks seriously good). This palette is the perfect combo of everyday useful shades + a couple pretty metallics to add on some holiday bling. An unreal stocking stuffer if you ask me.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad

eye palette

15. Caraa Velvet Small Sling Bag

Caraa makes some really stinking cute bags (I mean just look at this tennis duffle gahhhh). I love the metallicy velvet + gold details of this one. Comes in 3 other rich colors.

Caraa Velvet Small Sling Bag

sling bag

16. Mou Creston Boots In Metallic Mix

We’re been eyeing allll the Mou boots for this winter (proof here). This pair has the prettiest metallic sheen + color combo that I just adore.

Mou boots

17. Georg Jensen Bernadotte French Press

This French press is simply stunning. I love gifting people revved-up versions of appliances that they use often, just to make it a bit more special or to give them another option for when they wanna feel fancy. I know about a bajillion coffee lovers who would swoon over this like I am.

Georg Jensen Bernadotte French Press

French press

18. Nude Glass Hepburn Shaker

I gasped when I saw this. Then I had to check what it was (lol). A cocktail shaker!!! Correction: THE cocktail shaker of my dreams!!! So dang luxe and jaw-droopingly fab.

Nude Glass Hepburn Shaker

cocktail shaker

19. Smeg Retro Style Electric Kettle In Copper

I looove my Smeg kettle and would gift one to all my friends (if they weren’t so $$). Perfect for a splurge-y gift & this copper color is seriously speaking to me.

Smeg Retro Style Electric Kettle In Copper


20. Anthropologie Metallic Claw Clips Set

This claw clip set is the perfect teen gift (I mean I want it too and I’m 25 but). Adding something fun + shiny elevates any hair situation. Metallics are just so fun.

Anthropologie Metallic Claw Clips Set

clip set

21. Craighill Cal Carbon Steel Bookends

I just think these bookends are so neat. Simple but so playful & modern. They’d look cool in any space, regardless of style (in my humble opinion).

Craighill Cal Carbon Steel Bookends


22. Anthropologie Samson Cake Serving Set

I bought this cake serving set for my birthday this year (only to get cupcakes instead haha) and it’s reeeeally nice. Decently heavy + really pretty. Such a luxe kitchen/hosting addition. Can’t wait to use it.

Anthropologie Samson Cake Serving Set

serving set

23. Reformation Lanes Velvet Dress

Ok, truly anything from Ref’s website would be a great (certified climate neutral) gift. I love how they do velvet, so this dress is at the top of my list. Get a gift card if you’re unsure of your gift recipient’s style/color preferences (or just go for it and get a gift receipt. it’s way more fun).

Reformation Lanes Velvet Dress


24. MZ Wallace Ice Sequin Micro Metro Tote

I’ve been perusing MZ Wallace’s website sooo many times since I saw their holiday collection come out. It’s GORG. This tote is so freaking pretty & I love it paired with a literal ballgown. So cool.

MZ Wallace Ice Sequin Micro Metro Tote


25. Justine Clenquet Darcy Earrings

Justne Clenquet makes some of the coolest jewelry. I love the mix of textures & metals, which makes these earrings both a unique gift and kind of a crowd-pleaser because gold & silver lovers alike would enjoy.

justine Clenquet Darcy Earrings


26. Vintage French Silver-Plated Ice Tongs

These tongs would make the coolest gift for any hostess or homeware lover. I love the product description so much – “Collected by the Elsie Green team as they traversed the beautiful French countryside, no two pairs of these tongs are alike—and we love the surprise of seeing which design arrives. The vintage silver will look beautiful on your cocktail tray or at your tea table, a useful little grabber for all sorts of things.”.

Vintage French Silver-Plated Ice Tongs

vintage ice tongs

27. Hawkins New York Brass Measuring Cups & Spoons

These are really gorgeous and just overall helpful. So good for a cook or baker in your life (they probs need new ones).

Hawkins New York Brass Measuring Cups & Spoons

measuring cup + spoon set

28. Cody Foster Can Of Sardines Ornament

The “extra smelly” label is the icing on the cake. Need this for my tree.

Cody Foster Can Of Sardines Ornament


Go gift that glimmer!

Xo, Abby

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