Mexico Packing List: A Week in Playa del Carmen


As I’m sitting down to write this we are two — TWO — days away from traveling to the lovely eastern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula where I will SOAK UP ALL THE VITAMIN D. It’s been the rainiest month in two years here in Portland and though I’m typically a rain-lover…

I’m over it.

My fellow Northwesterners understand all the nuances in the types of rain, but right now we’re getting full-on heavy rain…not the kind we’re used to where we can still get out and do all the things. We have RAIN.

Mexico Vacation Outfits: What I’m Packing For The Yucatán Peninsula

But now let’s talk about SUN…and, specifically, what to pack. (The collage below is clickable for easy links to the items, too!)

Before our vacay to the Yucatán Peninsula, we rounded up 20 must-have vacation outfit items. It's the ultimate packing list for Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Vamos!

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A Week In Mexico: Packing List

01/ Reformation yellow bikini: I ordered one from Left on Friday that is quite similar to this one…simple lines and non-bulky seams. I love it!  

02/ L*Space bikini: SO cute. I love the colors and the wide stripes, and again the simple lines. These suits run small, so size up.

03/ Adorable cover-up: If this isn’t the most adorable cover-up, then I don’t know what is. Would be so super-cute with shorts, too! Dang, I wish I had ordered it in time haha. I have a kimono that’s similar, but I love this!

04/ Emerson Road star pjs: Gotta have cute lightweight PJs. These are adorable.

05/ VoloshinXTME Morgan flyaway top: This is so lovely and perfect over a swimsuit. I’ll pair mine with black denim shorts and silver Birks.

06/ AGoldE denim shorts: I have these and love them. They’re not too short, not too tight, amazing. I sized up to a 28, as I do in most shorts to make them comfier.

07/ Adidas superstars: The magical sneakers that look good with everything, especially simple dresses and shorts.

08/ Everlane sandals: I have some in this color and style — they’re lovely and go with so much. They’re easy to wear and don’t take up much suitcase room so I can bring multiple pairs of shoes. 🙂

09/ VoloshinXTME trapeze top & pants: I cannot tell you how soft this fabric is and how lovely I feel in it! I plan to wear either my swimsuit top under it or a racerback bralette like this one and the tan sandals.

10/ Sunglasses: Love the color of these.

11/ Earrings: A pretty statement earring with a little shine really makes a simple tank dress more polished. I packed one pair of statement earrings and then my star studs I always wear, so I don’t have to worry about a lot of jewelry.

12/ Bracelets: I love stacking bracelets for warm-weather looks and these are all in one and done!

13/ Hat: These are great hats that aren’t heavy or hot, but keep the sun off. Love!

14/ Highlighter: For that beachy sun-goddess glow.

15/ Scarf: Mexico can be windy in the mornings and evenings this time of year, so this is great for keeping your hair tamed. You can always throw it around your neck too, or on your beach bag for a different vibe! Love the mustard yellow.

16/ Belt bag: These are so great for keeping everything close and your hands free. Nylon is easy for the beach, too. Choose a cute shade that will complement your swimsuit.

17/ Birks: Some of my favorite sandals for a few years now. SO much more fun than the tan suede Birks I had for years. These add some shine to any outfit.

18/ Crossbody: Ain’t nobody got time for a giant purse on vacay. Don’t bring it; just use a small cutie like this. You can slip it into your carryon or easily pack it empty in your suitcase. I try not to bother with a purse on the plane, so I can bring a tote that holds more for the return trip if needed! Then I bring either my backpack with my laptop OR my small rolling laptop bag, so I’m not carrying a heavy load all day.

19/ Reformation dress: This is stunning, yet still easy and beachy. Sometimes they run small, so take that into consideration when ordering, but this is stretch jersey so it is probably more forgiving. WANT.

20/ Michael Stars dress: A good black tank dress is a closet staple. This one looks great! I love the fitted shape without it looking too tight or too bodycon. I’m layering a cropped hoodie over my tank dress for cool nights or mornings.

Shop Playa del Carmen Packing List + More Favs

Before our vacay to the Yucatán Peninsula, we rounded up 20 must-have vacation outfit items. It's the ultimate packing list for Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Vamos!

The last time I was in Mexico (10 years ago), I got engaged! So, I’m expecting a bit more of a chill trip this time…hahaha. And, it will be Sienna’s first time to one of my favorite countries. I’m so excited to show her the loveliness that is Mexico (and the food!) I hope y’all are able to escape to some sunshine this winter, too. I’ll do my best to bring some back, friends!



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  1. I leave for Mexico at the end of the month! And trying to keep it all in a carry on bag has been giving me anxiety so thanks for this! Question – what are you wearing on the plane there and the plane ride home?

    • Oh so fun! I applaud you on the carry-on. I can never end up doing that haha. But I wore my Athleta joggers, a tee and cropped Everlane hoodie on the plane with my Adidas superstars and a lightweight scarf. That wound up being really comfy and a great travel outfit! I’ve worn the joggers here, too, since I wore the unlined ones and honestly if I had to have one pant to travel with it’d be those. Hoping to get a follow-up post done soon with what I wound up actually wearing! But so far this post reflects it pretty closely!

  2. This list is seriously good! I love that Michael Stars dress. AND I just booked a trip to Jamaica in November (our first REAL, kid free vacation since our honeymoon in 2002!!!) and I want to bring every single thing here with me. Thanks for this post! I’m definitely bookmarking it for when I go away!

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