My New Favorite Jeans . . . to tuck or not to tuck??



 Photo Credit: Patty Belt, Pinc. Photography 


Photography Credit: Pinc. Photography

If you had told me two years ago that mid-rise and HIGH-rise jeans were going to be back in style, I would have said, “oh HELL no.”  I was a part of the low, lower, lowest rise jeans craze in the early 2000’s . . . remember Britney??  (I’m pretty sure you can’t get any lower.  Legally.)  BUT.  Times change, trends come and go, babies are made, pooches are created . . . so now I say “thank GOD” for the mid-rise comeback. Muffin top, butt-crack, post-partum flabbiness . . .  none of these are a problem with the now-ubiquitous higher rise denim.  This pair from Express are my new favorites.  They are SO comfy, and SO flattering that I bought them in two sizes . . . a short length for flats and the regular length for heels (I’m 5’4″).  (They also come in long lengths for you tall gals.  Cam, I’m talking about you!)

My biggest dilemma?  To tuck or not to tuck.  I feel so much more comfortable in a longer tank over the jeans.  I think it’s more flattering as well.  (I have an “all about the bass” kind of body.  Size 0-2 on top and size 6-8 on bottom).  BUT, as my sister pointed out, it is much more modern-looking to tuck.  Aaaaand my legs DO look much longer when the shirt is tucked.  What do you guys think?







I go back and forth . . . and since this is a jeans post, I was told I needed to include a butt shot.  So here it is: Express_Mid_Rise_Flares-9

I do like the whiskering on the back of the knees . . .


Jeans: Express Mid Rise Slim Flare Jean (also available in a darker wash)

Faux Leather Jacket: old from awesome local boutique Che Bello, similar from Topshop or Express

Tank: Seamless Cami (more colors in this Long layering tank style)

Shoes: CL by Laundry Camden Platform Wedges (now on sale!)

Earrings: BaubleBar Ice Orb Ear Crawlers (actually has four earrings in the package . . . 2 studs and 2 crawlers to mix and match)

Bracelet: Old, but similar from Rebecca Taylor or a smaller option from Express

Ironically, when I was writing this post I opened up the newest issue of People Style Watch and saw this picture of Jessica Alba:


She is making a good case for the tuck!  What do you guys think?



Thanks again to Patty Belt of Pinc. Photography for her fantastic photography skills!!


  1. I think you look great in both, but the un-tuck looks more casual maybe? So it just depends on what you’re going for. With tree trunks as legs, yours look long and lean to me in both! 🙂

    Here’s a stumper question tho (pun intended): What SHOES to wear with these jeans? Not sandals, not boots, not tennies, but regular SHOES with sox, when you have to run through the airport and after kids, when the weather isn’t warm enough for sandals yet too warm for boots. I’m having such a hard time finding shoes that look good with boot-leg jeans. HELP, please!

    • What about a neutral TOMS wedge bootie? I’m excited to bust mine out this weekend!! The snow is finally melted, even though Saturdays high is 31! Ugh I need to move

  2. I like how long your legs look tucked but I’d feel supr self conscience. My tummy is nowhere near flat no feel like it would just accentuate that. No matter how long my legs looked.

  3. I think the tucked is dressier? I would do both…depending on where I went or how I…You look freaking awesome!

  4. I am a pull the long tank layer down under stuff. I would not tuck b/c I have a pooch. You on the other hand rock tucking

  5. I’ve got the same body shape and I’m always looking for coverage and I’m just more comfortable untucked but the photos tell a story and you look absolutely fantastic tucked. Really, truly fabulous (the outfit rocks, but tucked – you’re hitting those whoa screamer notes).

  6. I think I want some mid or high rise jeans but am wondering if it’s uncomfortable to stuff a pooch in? Thanks for this suggestion. .. you look great tucked or untucked!

  7. I think your tuck looks better than Jessica’s! I agree with previous commenter though, if your tummy is not flat, a mid/high rise could just accentuate a tummy in some jeans and no one wants that look! yikes.

  8. With the tuck our eyes are drawn to the narrow horizontal line at your tiny waist whereas the untuck draws our eyes to the wider line at your low hip, so…tucked? With my body an inverse of yours (and no trim waist) I actually want a bit wider lines at my hips…I think. But really, you look great in both, so I would style both according to whatever look you were going for!

  9. Also, with the untucked the length of the jacket helps to accentuate your waist still, so maybe that’s the key to untucked look–still accenting the narrow waist somehow…

  10. Doesn’t anyone wear a belt anymore??? I like the tuck better, and think most pants look more polished and finished when a belt is worn. However in most fashion blogger photos, I see that many don’t wear a belt. Am I missing something here?

  11. I’m also a small on top and medium in the hips. I find that having anything that ends at my hips draws attention to the widest part of my body. Tucking in your shirt draws attention to your narrow waist. So definitely TUCK!

  12. Tuck or shorter shirt, IMHO that shirt is too long, and accentuates the hips- not that you need to hide your hips, you look great, but I have wide hips and that look is horrible on me.

  13. Had to come comment on this one… I like the look of tucked, but having similar proportions as you Scotti (with some addition on the bass part because I have all natural black girl booty!), I understand your problem. I was just having a similar discussion with a friend and she thought tucking or partial tucking was best. But THEN it puts me in a belt dilemma because I have a short, thicker waist and I think tucked with no belt looks funny, but belted points out that my waist isn’t as tiny as I’d like…

    Anyway, I’ll be interested to see what the group thinks. (oh and FIRST!)

  14. This is a good post. First of all, you look really good either way. I am just more drawn to the untucked look because that is how I would dress myself. I know tucked is in but I just can’t do it. I love a long tunic or a long tight tshirt. I really hate the drapey look on myself. I won’t say I won’t ever tuck, but just not now. If you look at Jessica Albas pic she is tucked, but she has a long cardigan on over it.

  15. Just wanted to add that in order to pull off high waisted jeans, you can’t have any tummy. Mid-rise is soooo much more forgiving. The right body can make either look good but nobody’s perfect.

  16. hi! slightly off topic, but do you think you guys can do a jeans roundup/chart of how different brands of jeans tend to fit each of your bodies (length, butt, thighs, where distressing hits at the leg)? that would be extremely helpful!!! and your collective experience must be pretty broad…! thanks! love the blog, btw. : )

  17. It says “No Comments Yet.” HEY. This is an IMPORTANT QUESTION. Myself, I still like untucked better – both on me and on you, Scotti – but perhaps I’m just behind the times. However, I can tell you that I’ve been waiting fourteen years for those blessed high-waisted jeans to come back in style, so I am HAPPY either way. (If you’re guessing that my oldest child is now fourteen…you’d be right.)

  18. I went to Express and tried them on because of this post; I’m also small on top, curvy with hips. These are soo close! I just wish they were a higher rise; as is, they don’t cover the pooch enough. Sigh. The search for the perfect affordable jeans continues…

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