Midi Skirts: A Non Shorts Summer Style Option


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I love summer (like, a lot), and even more so since I moved to Michigan and experienced the pure bliss that is a Michigan summer.   But..dressing for summer?

Yeah,  not so much.

There’s nothing like trying to get dressed on a hot summer day to to stir up all those body insecurities I spent the last nine months convincing myself I didn’t have.  It serves as a good reminder of why Fall is my favorite season-  jeans and oversized sweaters aren’t just favorite outfit options- they are precious protective layers!  I’ve joked before about my “cottage cheese” thighs, but it’s a lot harder to find the humor (ha, ha….ha?) when I’m trying on shorts and bikinis for the first time of the summer.  And, (TMI?) I’m a big time “sweat”er and sweat + shorts = an uncomfortable, irritable Jess. 

So over the years I’ve figured out a few ways to adapt my summer wardrobe to soothe my summer style stresses: skirts and dresses (ha! that rhymed). Midi skirts are the length I feel most confident in. My favorites are midi skirts with side splits, because they cover enough skin while allowing me to stay cool (or at least less sweaty). In July and August I usually throw on a basic tank or lace cami, a midi skirt and my Birkenstocks and I’m good to go for the whole day. Here’s how I styled a few of my favorite midis….

Breezy & Flowy Midi Skirt Outfitdouble slit midi skirt1

double split summer midi skirt

 Outfit #1 Details

midi skirt -This summer my love for midi skirts was solidified when I found this affordably priced skirt, and several similar options on ASOS.  It kept selling out but thankfully they keep stocking it so I was finally able to scoop up one in my size. My feelings for ASOS are a bit complicated…While they have a huge catalog of stylish and affordable clothing options: super cute dresses, skirts, cheap tees, ect., the quality of anything made by specifically by ASOS is hit or miss, although they do offer free returns, so that’s nice. The clothing they sell is stylish and affordable enough to keep me coming back to the site even if I end up returning about 1/4th of the items I buy from them. ASOS Soft Midi Skirt with Splices, $41.00.

tank top – I really did not think I would love this supportive cami so much as I do or wear it as often as I have this summer- I just needed a really good, supportive cami and I found it in Cosabella’s Talco Long V-Neck Cami, on Amazon for $70.00. 

sandals – Shana first shared my love for my Yara Birk sandals last summer and that love is still going strong. I wear them almost every single day and they are by far my favorite pair of sandals and I have a feeling they will be for years to come. Mine are the ‘antique brown’ version which I bought on back order last summer, so not surprisingly, I’ve been hard-pressed to find the ‘antique brown’ version this summer, Amazon has a several sizes still available ($98.00 – $199.00) and other color options like the dark brown leather ‘habana’($75.00 -$130.00),  black patent ($78.00 -$119.00), and white ($78.00 – $123.00),  are more widely available.

necklaces – So, being the cheapskate that I am, I’ve come up with a little DIY secret for affordable jewelry. Well, it’s not really a secret, it’s Etsy. For less than five bucks, You can buy in bulk ten good quality (same if not better than most retailers) necklaces gold or silver plated necklaces and then purchase just about any type of pendant or charm imaginable for wholesale prices on Etsy.  This one moon abalone shell pendant necklace I’m wearing cost me at the most, $3.00. And I’ll just say, it’s lasted longer than the last similar style necklace I bought which was from Banana Republic. The second necklace is the Gold Minimal Metal Collar from the Bauble Bar, $38.20.

Patterned Pencil Midi Skirt Outfit

double slit midi skirt1

black midi skirt 1


cami tank – I love lace camis and consider them essential wardrobe items.  The silky fabric and lace edges adds a hint of femininity and in the summer I wear them almost exclusively with jeans or skirts and in the Fall and Winter they are great for layering. Also, you can find nice ones at vintage clothing or resale stores like the lace camisole I’m wearing here I found at a vintage shop in Grand Rapids  but I also found some similar options online like: this Anine Bing Silk Camisole from Shopbop, $163.00,  this Nude Lace Detail Cami from Missguided, only $24.oo, and a double-layer lace camisole with lovely wide panel lace detail on the back from HM for $39.99.

midi skirt – le sigh, this is where I have to admit I failed you because I pretty much searched the internet in it’s entirety to find a skirt like the one I am wearing and although I found a few similar skirts (black, patterned, midi length) I couldn’t find one that also had the same cut and the side split. The Warehouse Side Split Floral Midi Skirt from UK online retailer John Lewis, is the most similar and it’s only $39.47, also another option also from The Warehouse brand is their Black Stencil Floral Skirt is $59.99 at John Lewis.

sandals – the Yara birks.

jacket – My tried and true ‘Helena’ denim jacket by Kut from the Kloth at Nordstroms, $79.00.   Seriously, theirs a reason the Helena has the highest ratings at Nordstroms, it’s the best.

bag – It’s safe to say every single of us here at TME are obsessed with the Julian backpack by Rebecca Minkoff and with good reason. I’d been drooling over this  bag (for over a year, contemplating back and forth wether it was worth the money (never have I spent over $150 on a bag) but I kept coming back to it and thanks to the LAST Nordstrom half-yearly sale it was finally in reach. If you love the Julian backpack as much as we do, now is a good time to consider buying it, as it AND the black leather fringed version are both 40% off during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Down from $395.00 to $265.00.

Finally, I compiled a big list of just some of my favorite midi skirts currently out there this summer. Enjoy!

Stay breezy and cool my friends xx,


More of My Favorite Summer Midi Skirts:


  1. I love this! We’re moving to India this summer and I’ve been searching for great midi skirts. Everything I’ve read says I need to keep shoulders and knees covered, but it’s so hot I can’t see wearing jeans and maxi skirts that touch the ground seem like a bad idea when the streets are…less than clean. These are a great compromise, I especially love the red skirt that looks like a flamenco dancer!

    • wow, how exciting, good luck on your move 🙂 You could always wear a lightweight graphic tee with a midi skirt if you need to keep your shoulders covered and the red flamenco skirt is one of my favorites!

  2. As a short person I think of midi skirts as s awkward and looking like I am playing dress up. You make it look hot with the long slits and splices! Thanks for showing me it is possible to wear a midi!

    • Yes !! I feel the exact same…..midi skirts are tricky when you’re really short, but some of these definitely look like possibilities…

      • huh, yeah, that’s a good point.. pencil skirts that are usually ‘knee length’ are alway an option for shorter gals!

  3. Midi is my absolute favorite skirt length – I love all of the options! I’d love to hear more about undergarments that work well with skirts in the summer – I’ve tried Spanx (yuck) and slip-shorts (just ok). Thanks!

  4. Welcome to Michigan! I love midi skirts. I also like just below the knee too. I wear skirts all summer long in Michigan. 🙂

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