This Might Be The Coolest, Comfiest Piece of The Summer


I’ve been keeping a summer secret you guys, and I’m not sure why I haven’t shared it until now.  I haven’t been meaning to hold out on you.  My secret?

Harem jumpsuits.

They’re the most amazing thing for summer.

Well, ok. They are a little tricky to style (aren’t all jumpsuits?) but…but. If you get one you won’t want to take it off. It’s loungewear, it’s a coverup, it’s a going-out piece, it’s a wear-in-the-heat piece…I’m convincing myself to get another one as I write this.

Just add killer shoes, cool accessories and you have yourself an easy outfit.

I like pairing the jumpsuit with tougher pieces (per usual) but you could easily add stacked beaded bracelets and gladiators for a more boho vibe.

I mean…what about this rose garden? It’s the garden at Peninsula Park (right in our neighborhood!) We all (Posy, her daughter Franny, Sienna, Camper and I) headed to this beautiful place for some evening treats one night. I love how Alice-In-Wonderland this place feels. And we even ate tiny cakes for dessert. I mean…

Sienna is already starting to flee during photoshoots and between having a rad older friend there, a crazy puppy, tiny desserts and her favorite Posy,  I was the least interesting thing on this night. I was lucky she still held my hand and spun in a circle with me for about two seconds. I’m cherishing those moments, believe me.

A Few Favorite Harem Jumpsuits

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit – (similar) Spaghetti Strap Jumpsuit – This one is similar to mine and a great price point, but a little more fabric. This one is similar with a little embroidered detail and this one has a cute pom tie in back.
Bag – (c/o) Sole Society Candice Vegan Leather Weekender – This bag is gorgeous and giant. It’s a great weekender with lots of space for picnics, too. The lining is super cute, as well!
Shoes – (c/o) Sole Society Caribou in Dark Taupe – Love these slide boots. I’m such a boot girl and having the back open makes these a better choice for summer. They fit true to size and the heel is super comfy for being a little higher than I typically wear.
Sunglasses – (c/o) Sole Society Lenox – I’m in love. They’re a nice current update from my typical aviators I always love. They’re quite large lenses but make me feel almost famous.
Necklace – (c/o) Sole Society Plated Crescent Layered Necklace – Oh so lovely and a really gorgeous quality chain. Definitely a choker length on the shorter layer, fyi.

On Sienna

Top – OshKosh Polka Dot Top
Pants – Cat & Jack Faux Denim Leggings
Sandals – Avarca Frailera Style Sandal

On Franny

Top – (Similar) Yellow Wonder Woman T-shirt
Pants – H&M Pull-on Patterned Pants

Four has been a huge change in my little gal. She relies on me less these days. She seems to have fewer melt downs. She absorbs everything people say around her now and adds it to her repertoire of hilariously grown-up vocabulary. Her new favorite phrase is “are you kidding me?” And she uses it totally correctly.

We’re traveling to see my family this week and for the first time of many times traveling alone with her I’m actually looking forward to it. She’s my little buddy now and we have a blast. She’s been on break from preschool just for a couple of weeks. Last year this was the most difficult two weeks. This year? We totally cracked each other up just grocery shopping the other day and it was the best thing ever.

I realize these moments of her still wanting to hold my hand are fleeting and I just finally feel out of the fog enough to be truly relishing them. Maybe it’s the magic of summer that’s helping me feel so connected right now, but let me tell you I do not want it to end.



Thank you so much to Sole Society for sponsoring this post. They have fun shoes and great bags that will take you through all your summer adventures. As usual, all opinions and product selections are my own. Thank you TME readers for being so continually supportive of our blog and our efforts here!

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  1. My little one turned 4 yesterday and I completely agree with you… it’s bittersweet. I’m treasuring every moment.

  2. What we really need is one of these with a zip or snap front to make it nursing-friendly, and you’d have the PERFECT post-partum outfit.

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