Mini-Capsule Wardrobe for Girls: Graphic Prints & Bright Pops


Hey friends. Welcome to my brain. This is how it works. All things must look interesting and be aesthetically pleasing at all times. This makes for a successful designer and stylist, but a difficult person to live with (probably). I’m forever curating everything in our lives, and I think my family is just now getting used. The plight of the graphic designer. I thrive on this stuff though. You don’t know how fun and life-giving it is to me.

I’m fortunate that my daughter, for the most part, still likes the clothing I pick out for her. We both try to have fun with it while still pleasing mommy’s brain. Our favorite things are bold, graphic prints and lots of pattern mixing. Sienna is even more of a pro at the pattern mixing than I am these days. The main thing I’m totally against when getting dressed is matching. Haha. I know. It seems counterintuitive, but run with me here. If your outfit matches, it’s more expected. If that’s your style, that’s totally fine. When your style is to be interesting, different and unexpected (Hi, my name is Laura and I’m an Aquarius) matching is not what you strive for. And let me tell you, kiddo clothes are the most fun when it’s comes to this style. They can go bold and fun without looking costume-y, and it’s a blast to put outfits together.

Graphic prints, bold color & pattern mixing are spot-on ingredients for self-expression. Here's our recipe for a stylish girls' capsule wardrobe. Have fun!

Girls’ Capsule Wardrobe – Graphic Prints & Bright Pops

Things we look for when shopping: stripes, stars, polka dots, some leopard print, graphic tees for sure (especially with animals), plenty of black mixed in with the bright colors, NO traditional pink colors (I go with blush or peach or dusty pink instead), hearts, rainbow for days, some metallic, pastels mixed with brights, olive green goes with everything, mini versions of shoes/tops/jackets I have and love (denim/leather jackets, Chuck Taylors, adidas sneakers, etc.,). Some of our favorite places to find great prints: H&M, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Target Cat & Jack, Mini Boden, Hannah Andersson.

Graphic prints, bold color & pattern mixing are spot-on ingredients for self-expression. Here's our recipe for a stylish girls' capsule wardrobe. Have fun!

Row 1: daschund top / leopard dress / heart dress / tiger tee

Row 2: jean leggings / gold star leggings / polka dot leggings / gray dot leggings

Row 3: orange rain boots / black boots / polka dot high tops / red sneakers

Row 4: ivory hat / heart purse / pink hat / fringe purse

Row 5: olive green parka / star bomber / plaid fleece


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This girlie and I have fun, you guys. People who try to buy clothes for us? Well, at this point I think they’ve stopped. Haha. They learned that at my baby shower when I said I didn’t want anything pink. But S and I have so much fun mixing and matching pieces like these. Getting dressed is an expression of our creativity, and that’s the most important thing I want to pass along to Sienna, regarding looks and clothing. Have fun and confidence in what you wear, and you’ll take a little joy from that throughout your day.

Graphic prints, bold color & pattern mixing are spot-on ingredients for self-expression. Here's our recipe for a stylish girls' capsule wardrobe. Have fun!



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Pictures by the lovely Posy Quarterman.


  1. I think Sienna is my new fashion goals. A little while ago you posted a picture in your ig stories of her wearing a dusty pink hat that was folded looking on the top, did you knit that hat?

  2. What a beautiful and fun capsule wardrobe for a little girl! I love how there are high and low price point pieces. I’m all about investing in good outer wear. Please tell me you’ll make one of these for boys! I sent this one immediately to my neighbor who has girls!

  3. My daughter Susannah (5) loves picking out her clothes and I totally encourage the mixing of prints. It’s so fun! If I’m unsure if two prints really “go” together, I take about five steps back. If it looks good from there, we toss it on and roll out!

  4. Cute!! I am challenged by my girls’ wardrobes because, while I have no problem mixing pieces from different brands, print-mixing, etc., I find that colors and prints across brands often don’t mesh well for me. Like, the pink from Target will be neon and the pink at Old Navy will be dusty rose and I just get overwhelmed and confused sometimes in trying to figure out which pieces will work with what. So I’ve mostly just stopped caring about it!

  5. Can you tell me the pattern? The only one I found on ravelry that is similar to the one Sienna is wearing is called the origami hat but this one looks a bit different than that one, like you cast off a different way than the pattern calls for?

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