Need Art? We Picked and Grouped the Best Pieces from Minted’s Fine Art Collection


I take art pretty seriously. I have such an incredible appreciation for it. It just brings me joy, even when the feeling it brings me isn’t joyous, even when it’s something deeper than or opposite of that, I still find joy in just feeling all the feels art evokes. I have found myself shopping for art for many people recently. It’s an interesting challenge to get into someone else’s mind and heart, and find things that they connect with, that look so pretty, and are the right size, and frankly, that they can afford.

My favorite way to shop for art was always to go to the galleries, and the local shows, and to take my time, and really think on pieces, or sometimes to just connect with something so hard, so immediately, that it was in my home before I could even blink. I especially love supporting local, young artists.

And yet, I’ve found myself recently, scouring the internet for art, for many reasons. And while I started as a skeptic in that endeavor aside from artists I have experience with, I landed on Minted, and they’ve 100% won me over to this new way of shopping for art.

My own love affair began in the days of baby announcements and holiday photo cards. Their selection and their final product was just flat-out superior. And now…they offer this crazy robust collection of limited edition art, (now available on canvas, too.) The finish is completely customizable, and they make it easy: you choose from framed or not, full bleed, border, matted or float mounting framing options. (No you don’t need to know what those words mean. Each time you choose an option, the image will adjust to your customizations.) The limited edition art is available in 15 framing options, including chic metal frames in champagne silver, matte brass, matte copper and matte black. I’m a white-matted or white-bordered, white frame, or full-bleed canvas kinda girl, but I will say, many of their prints look so gorgeous in all the finishes, that I’m absolutely tempted…

I made a few selections (OK, fine, five, and even narrowing it to just that was a challenge.) And then I hung them! I usually do this completely by sight, but when hanging groupings of art, well, it just goes better with a little measuring, pencil marking and some blue tape.

I measured the wall prior to ordering because I especially love large-scale prints, but knew that I wanted a grouping of three above my desk. So I blue-taped to figure out exactly how big I could go with all three, and have them fit in the frame above my desk and work together. That’s my art:  grouping the art. And I have to say, I’m so happy with how this worked out!

Rather than pencil marking the top line and messing up my perfectly white walls, I just repositioned my blue tape to temporarily mark a spot and then measured from there.The prints all arrived perfectly professionally wired, which makes hanging them yourself so simple. The wire helps give you a bit of forgiveness to work with. Not all frames are wired well…these…were perfectly wired! Such a nice gift when these things are made easy for us!And voila! I’m in love with these three prints and with having something beautiful to look at while I sit at this screen all day! The large one is titled “History Repeats.” It spoke to me on its own, but more so when I read its title. “She Blooms” is fun for me personally b/c I love the relationship of art, home, and fashion. And the colors are so rich and serious, and yet there’s fun in there too. And the “Glyph”…oh, the glyph. That one gives me a giggle. I have a favorite four letter “f” word (I know what you are thinking, and it’s not that actually) it’s “fine.” Ask my mother, she’ll confirm the truth in that.

History Repeats  // She’s Blooming // Glyphs Italics

History Repeats  // She’s Blooming // Glyphs Italics

And here’s my own very favorite part…my soul rests easy in this endeavor because we’re choosing from a community of independent artists. They might not be around my corner, but they are local somewhere. It’s amazing to have access to their art, but also, Minted has taken the time to include their stories, and bits about them and their work. And that just creates this fantastic connection that is so important to me…knowing even just a little bit about the artist, where they are from, and what inspires them. For even more fun, yes, you can check a box for your print to be signed. I did on all 5 of my selections. I love those signatures; they just feel really special. They are a reminder of the person who’s behind the work, and that’s the final bit of everything to me.

And check out these super-fun notes and certificates of authenticity that come with the art! I’ll tape each to the back of the works, but I also think I’m just going to let them sit on my desk and read through them a few times each first. They are like a little bonus gift, well-packaged!

And I couldn’t resist…once I was all up on the Minted site, I just had to check out the kid room art too! Mostly I love using photos of my own kids, and their own art in our kitchen and their rooms, but…I felt like C especially would appreciate a special little gift. Turquoise is her favorite color, she loves the ocean and a wave as deeply as her momma does, and she’s a full-on Taurus. So these two sweet prints were easy choosing! She’s going to be super-excited when she finds this moment of peace, calm and beauty in her room! I can’t wait!

This was a super-easy hang, no blue tape necessary, just center and center and done.

Taurus // Turquoise Surf

I know full well this quiet moment won’t last but 5 minutes, before there’s stuff everywhere again, but you know, for these 5 minutes, I’m just happy taking it in!

Looking for more inspiration?

Here are some of the other selections I couldn’t take my eyes off, or that left me with wonderful feelings, grouped. For me, the meaning comes from the art, for others it’s the grouping that gives it more meaning.

1/  The first of these is called “Quietly Alive”, the center is plasma, and on the right is a plant cell.  See where I’m coming from with this one? Along with their pure aesthetic beauty?

2/  These I love for their rich blue, all those rich blues that are so easy to lose oneself in. And the far right is a melting glacier…I’ll leave that at that, and just say, that touches me.

3/  I love the crisp hello LA shout-out partnered with the familiar blur of a city street and those “10,000 Grains.” The whole thing is a big play on grainy that makes me happy.

1/Rhino  2/Giraffe 3/Zebra

I love kid art grouped by concept. Especially for a nursery and/or younger kids, animals are just fun!

4/Red Dots  5/Color Wheel  6/Blue Dots

Color groupings are also always so beautiful, and fun and happy! What’s better than that?

7/Planes  8/Cars  9/Boat

Things that go just never ever get old. This is a grouping that can grow with them!

10/Can’t Stop 11/Moon  12/Unique Fish

And why not a little inspiration? I just love a good graphic inspiration! Get the days started and end them with sweet, fun, messages of love!

Thank you Minted for sponsoring this post; you’ve never disappointed in anything I’ve ever ordered from you. You make it simple to find and shop beautiful things that are just so easy to love! And your art selections and respect for the artists that create them is just wonderful!  Thoughts, opinions, selections, groupings, and random chatter all my own.

And thank you Zach of Zach Teris Photography, for coming through in beautiful but challenging settings and tight timing! It was a pleasure to work with you; I look forward to doing so again soon!

Readers, your support is always appreciated more than there are words for — I hope you are inspired to shop for some amazing art! Please share back to us what you come up with for yourselves, we’d love to see it!  xoxo A



  1. Hi Annamarie, thanks for the inspiration, I have a few blank walls that need help. Can you tell about your pants? I love the looser fit camo!

    • Do you want the whole story about those pants? Or just where to find them? Gigantic huge smile on my face right now. Genuinely. Thank you for that. So…we have an old Army Navy Store here in Philly called IGoldberg. The place is just amazing. My own pants are 20+ years old. And I bought them used. So let’s just say they are nice and broken in. That said, they are made by a classic manufacturer…mine are men’s b/c I’m 6’tall and that works better for me often, but the same manufacturer makes them for both men and women, b/c hell yes are they Army Navy too #respect. And, just like all good things in life, it seems, these crazy days, you can order them up straight from the big zon, right here: Amazing. xoxo A

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