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Thanks for all your kind words on my intro post last weekend! You gave me some great ideas for what kind of home & design posts you’re interested in and I can’t wait to get started! First up, a reader question from Katie K:

Does modern, cool, affordable kids’ bedding that both kids and parents like exist?

Sure does, though it’s a little hard to find!  I’ll admit, there’s not a lot of middle ground between the scratchy polyester sheets decorated with their favorite cartoon characters and the higher quality but more plainly designed sheets that they’d find boring. I hear you – not babyish or overly themed sheets they’ll grow out of too quickly, not traditional designs like ALL THE SPORTS, no pastel ballet shoes. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those, I’m pretty sure most of us had those exact sheets growing up.) I ran into the same issue back in October when we were transitioning my older daughter from her crib to a twin bed – it took so long to find modern, stylish sheets I came thisclose to throwing in the towel. But fear not – all my hours of research paid off and I’m excited to share my killer finds! You want seriously cool kids sheets? I gotcha covered…



  1. Hannasoft Swedish Stripe Sheet Set:  If we’re talking modern, kid-friendly, cool design, you know the Swedes are involved. And if you know Hanna Andersson then you know these are super quality (and the reviews check out). These come in lots of different colored stripes, as well as a waves print and Scandinavian bird design – I love how they mixed the patterns together on the site, check it out for some awesome styling ideas! These are a little pricey, but they’re 20% off right now. Also! A related reader question from Theresa on how to find coordinating toddler and big kid sheets for room sharing: the same designs are available in Hanna crib sheets, and you can buy a set of pillowcases separately.
  2. Orion’s Sheet Set: Does your kid want to be an astronaut when she grows up but you could do without rocket print sheets? Here’s a great compromise – constellation print sheets with splatter paint-like ‘stars’ that parents who grew up in the 80s & 90s will find totally rad. Land of Nod does lots of its kid print sheets in toddler sizes, plus has numerous styles of gray print toddler sheets with an accent color that will coordinate with the big kid bedding.
  3. Martha Stewart Whim Collection Novelty Print Sheets: Martha, Martha, Martha. All of the prints in this collection are actually really cute, especially the two-toned blue stripes, the coral flamingos and the zebras on aqua. Macy’s always seems to be having a sale, so it should be able to snag a deal on these soon.
  4. Navy Sneaker Sheet Set: The same sheets as the coral/gray colorway I listed in the grown-up sheet roundup, except on SUPER SALE on Zulily! Serena & Lily sheets are top quality – once in a blue moon Homegoods gets some in stock (always in the wrong color/size, arrrgh!) and I’m always impressed by how heavyweight and soft they feel. These are a great deal for a unique design your kid won’t easily grow out of.
  5. Solid Microfiber Sheets: So. I realize these are “plain” according to kids, but the bright colors and buttery softness will win them over. These get good reviews – people love how lightweight and comfortable they are. Since ‘compromise’ is the name of the game in parenting, another idea is to go for solid color sheets but let the kids pick a fun patterned fleece blanket or throw so they still get to express their style. (No matter how, umm…interesting it may be. Hence a bright red polkadot Christmas tutu over an otherwise springy outfit when we visited the Easter Bunny. Facepalm.)
  6. Preppy Breton Mermaid Sheet Set: Can you? I can’t. Sweetly illustrated mermaids with mad style – striped shirts and adorbs accessories. Also rounding out the “preppy breton” crew over at Pottery Barn Kids: dolphins, alligators and sharks. Cute enough for kids to be into, but witty and stylish enough for parents.
  7. Xhiliration Sheet Set: These were the answer to my looong search for stylish kids sheets! I’m showing the navy ikat print here, which works for boys or girls, and they also come in a gorgeous put-on-your-shades bright magenta, a pretty turquoise geometric print, and multi-colored tiny polkadots. My daughter has used the pink ones for the last 6 months, they’ve held up great to weekly(ish?) washing and are really soft. The best part? The price. Highly, highly recommend these ones.
  8. Honor Sheet Set: The Land of Nod really has the market cornered on cool, unique kids bedding, but these might be my favorite. Or the superhero ones. Don’t make me choose! The honor badges are a sweet retro 70s style and would look right at home in a quirky, nerdy Wes Anderson movie. In the best way.

There are a bunch more cute picks in the Kids’ Sheets Boutique below – I couldn’t narrow it down, so have your pick!



Mamas – any hot tips on where you found kids’ sheets you love? It’s always good to have a backup pair (or four, if your kids are lucky enough to bring home a stomach bug) so I’d love to hear about your finds! For more on activities and fashion for your little one, check out the kid style archives!

Apple juice wishes and Goldfish dreams,



  1. You rock Amanda! Thanks so much for all the ideas. I thought the hard part was going to be finding options, but it may actually be trying to choose between them all!

  2. Dear Amanda,

    My daughter has the cutest sheets that she still loves from ages ago. She’s now 11 and actually hasn’t had any other sheets than these cute polka dot, super soft (by now!), colorful sheets from Target. At the time when I got them, both the kids were using them–my boy AND girl shared a room for awhile. I am so glad I have two sets because now Gigi still uses them. I always offer to update her room, but she’s always like, Nah, I’m good.

    I love Target’s sheets!

    Amanda, here’s my request: tight spaces. Gigi, the girl mentioned up above, is a bit of a hoarder–don’t worry not in that crazy TV show sort of way, but she has a super vivid imagination and loves all sorts of little things. (She was the toddler that could play with sticks and stones–not to break her bones but be her friends!) Anyway, apartments in Hong Kong are T I G H T to say the least. I’d love a post on some space saving tips. We’ve tried all sorts of things, but her room is still a chaotic mess. (Dear Gigi, we do love her so!!)

    Thanks so much!

    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  3. Love the mermaids! I’m partial to Garnet Hill’s sheets – the quality (and price. . . ) are high. They are something you use every single day, so I’m a sucker for good sheets. And they have always have a rotating array of fun patterns that are kid and adult-friendly, like surfboards and dachshunds!

  4. I just redid my boys (3 and 1 on the way to a big boy bed) bedding recently with *simple* being the driving design idea. Every boy got a colorful duvet from The Company Store, white sheets from ikea (cheeeeeeap both in price and quality but a good place to try it out), and they could pick out one decorative sham. So I got to teach everyone a new word, sham, and their beds are super easy

  5. Check out Garnet Hill! My daughter wanted horse bedding and all I could find were super gross western themed sheets and bedding. Garnet Hill has an adorable horse print along with coordinating quilts and pillows and even matching jammies! Yeah, a scored major points with my little girl for that 😉

  6. I’ve been thinking about getting my kids some new bedding, and I think that being able to have some help would be awesome. I’m glad you talked about solid microfiber sheets being able to win them over with bright colors and softness. I’m going to have to look for some different options for my kids and see what bedding they’d like most!

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