Since we’re finally getting the walls fixed from this winter’s ice damage, I’m starting to shop around for some modern and kid-friendly wall art for E’s nursery. I’m looking for something that’s cute but still sophisticated enough that she won’t tire of it by preschool and want wall-to-wall Disney princess decals (ahem, big sister). No surprise, Etsy is a veritable gold mine of cool, unique kid’s art – however, it’s not what you’d call “curated” since anyone can post anything for sale. But that’s why we’re here! I’ve got the (Mom) edited picks for you, along with some more mainstream art that’s still awesome. Plus! A hot tip on gallery walls so you display all your art finds.



Modern, Unique Wall Art for Kids:

black & white kid’s art: Epic Kid Printable – I heard from a good source (Shana) that the 90s are back, so can I say how totally rad this art is, dude? The best part is it’s printable, so you can frame it today.

rainbow circle art:  Optimism Wall Art – I’m almost hypnotized looking at this, and I don’t think it’s the sleep deprivation talking. Interesting, colorful square shaped art to fill in a gallery wall.

tricycle art: Album Tricycle Wall Art – Once you explain what a record is, they’ll think this is awesome. Rock n’ roll!

gold type wall art: Best and Mostest Wall Art – Awww. Probably best in shared spaces, or buy multiples if you have more than one kid because favoritism.

tire swing wall art: Super Imagination Girl Art – The name (obvs) and hair color are customizable for your supergirl. I can’t decide if the stripey legs or the shadow is my favorite part.


A while back Theresa asked the best way to mingle her many great paintings, family photos and kid’s art in a non-chaotic way – a gallery wall would be perfect for displaying lots of different types and shapes of art that’s meaningful to your family! BUT. Gallery walls are notoriously fiddly, requiring lots of re-positioning and random nail holes all over your nice walls. The best tip I’ve read is to measure out the area you want for your gallery wall, then tape together newspaper or butcher paper on the floor (or even computer paper) in a size to match. Lay out your pieces on the paper on the floor, making sure there’s relatively the same amount of space between each piece – more breathing room between pieces will make it look less chaotic. When you’ve got an arrangement you like, trace around each piece of art and mark where the nail hole should go. Then just tape the paper to your wall – make sure it’s level! – hammer in those nails and hang your art. Then you can remove the paper by starting at one side and re-hanging the art one by one as you go, or just carefully rip the paper down (my way).  Has anyone attempted a DIY gallery wall at home? Post your pics!

And because there are literally a million thousand choices for kid’s wall art, you know I couldn’t stop at five.

Unique, Modern Kid’s Wall Art:


  1. I’ve done several gallery walls in our house – it’s the only way I can use all the things I have to hang. I prefer to make paper templates of the individual pieces and tape those to the walls and move them to my heart’s content until it’s right. It’s not fool proof but I’ve ended up with more holes because I keep moving the kids around not necessarily because I messed up.

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