Modern Nursery Rockers – Budget Conscious Alternatives


Hey, just a quick post to follow up on STS's review of the gorgeous though pricey Luca Glider and Modernica Rocker.  Oh man, I luv your taste, girl, but we would be in big trouble on a shopping trip together!

STS's diligent pursuit of nursery design reminded me that I am slacking on getting baby no. 2's room ready, so I got to work on finding some clean-design nursery deals.  Let me just tell you my mouse pad was smokin' and I found some super-duper budget conscious alternatives I had to share.

Modern Rocker and Ottoman has a good-looking, upholstered, high backed Modern Rocker and Ottoman matching set in khaki for only $376.99 + $2.95 shipping (yes, under three dollars) .  If khaki won't do it for your nursery, you could have it reupholstered and still come in under $700, particularly if you take some time to shop around for a well-priced but durable fabric (like a $10-$15/yard micro suede) and skip more expensive options like piping, or find a student upholsterer at your local trade school.  Don't forget to dig for an coupon code–there's usually one floating around for 5% or 10%–and you can save a bit more.
Blue Modernica-Like Rocker
Also on, there are both white and blue Cradle Rockers that are dead ringers for the  Modernica Rocker at less than half the price, only $159.99 + $2.95 shipping.  

Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker Another great deal that's going on right now, if you're OK with limited color options, is 50 percent off on select Nurseryworks rockers.  Fawn & Forrest, one of my fav online modern nursery goods purveyors, has both the Sleepytime (high back) and Storytime (low back) rockers for $450.00 and $400.00 respectively, only $99.00 shipping on either chair.  Nurseryworks furniture is also eco-friendly, so you can feel good about rocking your babe on renewable materials and in a formaldehyde-free and low-VOC environment.

Meadow Loveseat If you're not a rocker but more of a slumper, another option I found on is the mid-century-inspired Meadow Loveseat for $479.99 + $2.95 shipping (or choose the chair $379.99 or sofa $499.95, depending on the amount of space and degree of slumping that suits your needs).  This great style also comes in the equally nursery-friendly shade "Baltic."

Ikea Karlstad Swivel Chair I am presently considering Ikea's spacier Karlstad Swivel Chair $399.00 and footstool $199.00 in Ullevi Orange to match my boy's new Pixel Organics Lions, Tigers & Kitties . . . Oh My! bedding.  The chair has a high back and an adjustable rocker function and, as I'm handing down my 16 month old son's more baby-ish decor to our second kiddo, it will be going in his room and I think he'll get a kick out of it.  This option is only a deal if you live within driving distance of an Ikea Store, however, which I do not.  Freight shipping for the chair and footstool to my house in Denver, CO is going to run a steep $291.76.  How much do I want this bad boy?  I have 24 hours to decide. . .

Now, I grant you, you will likely have to do some assembly on any of the or Ikea items and the color selection and quality will probably not be at the caliber of options like the Luca or the Modernica.  But just because you don't have the cash or the inclination to drop a grand on a spendier option doesn't mean you can't have clean modern style or that you have to settle for an oak nightmare.

Happy rocking & cheers! M.


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