A Modern Neutral Nursery


Designing a room for your little one is an exciting part of the pregnancy experience. But it can also be totally and completely overwhelming. When a client comes to me, my main goal is to eliminate any overwhelm associated with redecorating and give them clear and detailed plans to get from before to after!

Creating a Modern Neutral Nursery

The design intent for this project was to create a chic, monochromatic nursery that could easily be used for a little boy or girl. Another really important factor for this new mom was to make sure the space had the ability to ‘grow-up’ with her baby so that in a few years she wasn’t required to completely re-do everything. My top nursery design tip:

Design a Room That Can Grow With Your Baby

modern neutral nursery

The Layout

The client came to me with their existing crib and change table, but was in need of everything else. The room was extremely rectangular so putting a crib up against the only blank wall left the rest of the space feeling oblong and deserted.

After playing around with a few layouts, I suggested using both a sofa and a rocker to not only visually balance the space, but also (and most importantly) provide a tired new mom multiple places to relax with baby.

modern nursery

The Details

The selection of the black and white rocker from Pottery Barn Kids (though it was more expensive than we were hoping to spend) was the perfect choice. It didn’t feel baby-ish at all, and was a piece that could easily migrate to another room in their home when the time came.

One of my favorite parts about this project was the black trim we added to the ceiling. It is such a simple yet unexpected element that adds another level of detail to the room.

Small added details — like the tassel trim on curtains and the gold finial curtain hardware — make the space feel thoughtfully layered and mature yet still playful enough to work in a kid’s room.

modern neutral nursery

Everything in Its Place

Of course on top of looking pretty, the space has to function for the needs of a new baby. That means thoughtfully placed storage and comfy places to relax with baby.

The space designated for the changing table was minimal, so we maximized storage by adding a picture rail between changing pad and mirror. This will function as an easy-to-reach spot to store cream, cotton balls and wipes.

Storage next to the sofa and the crib ensures that all toys and books will have a home at the end of the day!  modern nursery

Designing nurseries is one of my all-time favorite projects. I love the challenge of incorporating safe and functional design elements into a space that still feels young and whimsical. Love this look for your up-and-coming bundle? Check out links below to pull in some of the same design elements!

Love it? Shop it here :

– Allison H.


  1. Keep the ideas coming! I’m just finishing up a remodel and am enjoying checking out the sources for your lovely designs. Would love to know how to find transitional furniture pieces that don’t break the bank (and are of good quality, too). Thanks Allison!

  2. Thanks Kari! So excited to be a part of this team. I will definitely keep that idea in mind for future posts! I love finding good quality pieces that don’t cost a fortune!

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts – so informative and inspiring! I hope you don’t mind if I bookmark this post to share with other teachers. (I’m hoping to encourage a few others to join in the blogging experience this year… fingers crossed!)

  4. I liked the round mirror so much that I ordered it. I’m now wondering, though, how you mounted/hung the mirror? The one I got has a big know that I’m supposed to drill into the wall so I can hang the mirror on the knob using the brass circle on top. I prefer the look in the post. What can I do? (I’m assuming you had to solve the same problem.) Thanks!

  5. Another really important factor for this new mom was to make sure the space had the ability to ‘grow-up’ with her baby so that in a few years she wasn’t required to completely re-do everything.

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