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Um. So…this was way more fun than I thought it would be. In fact, I had so much fun rounding up these play kitchens that I completely blew our whole Christmas budget and bought one of them for the kids. Whoops! I don’t feel too bad about it though, because anything that equals some creative play and possible moments of calm is worth forking over the moola for. Can I get an AMEN?

Not to mention, they are modern and attractive – not anything like the ugly plastic ones that stick out like a sore thumb in your home (yes, we have had one…and once one of the doors fell off, mama accidentally “lost” the kitchen). These are toys that may actually compliment your home decor. Can I get an HALLELUJAH?

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I can’t wait for the kids to walk out and see their set on Christmas morning. eeeek! I’m like a kid…and if they don’t play with it, I WILL.


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  1. We have a KidKraft kitchen and love it! They are great looking and really sturdy. But they take a good long while to put together, so if you want to surprise the kiddies Christmas morning…don’t wait till the kids go to sleep on Christmas Eve unless all nighters are your thing!

  2. this is a great selection but any reason you didn’t include the ikea play kitchen? it’s pretty simple and doesn’t have a huge footprint – my sister in law has it and loves it.

    • I was totally going to make the same comment. We got the IKEA one last year for my daughter’s 2nd birthday and it was in our living room and people kept being like, wait, that’s a play kitchen? It is still getting a ton of play, and I love the closing doors for putting the stuffs in after play to keep the room looking clean. We also got the pizza set shown and it was a big hit until we had to hide the toppings for kid 2 (9 months old) until she stops putting everything in her mouth.

    • We don’t have their kitchen (my old one from the 80’s looks brand new, so…), but ikea’s kitchen accessories are fabulous for the price–fabric veggies, pots, etc.

    • That is what we are getting my 20 month old daughter this christmas! it is very affordable ($79.99 with IKEA FAMILY this month) and I bought her a bunch of handmade felt food on etsy, along with the Melissa and Doug Pot set… I am super looking forward to her being preoccupied with her own kitchen while I am cooking in the real kitchen! Although this roundup is super adorable too!

      • Truthfully, my 2 year old at the time (now 3) never wanted to play with it while I was in the kitchen. She always wanted to help me in the kitchen still. But, then when she was doing free play, I’d hear her repeating things we’d done in the real kitchen…. “The muffins need to go in the oven to cook and then will be hot.” “Mix carefully *said while stirring imaginary muffin mix in a bowl* and keep it in the bowl!” etc. It’s really cute, but not as helpful as her playing while I cook, like I too had hoped!!

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