Modern, Sophisticated Sleepwear…For Kids? Wah. I Want Some.


Have you heard of the Christmas Eve tradition where the kids are gifted with a new set of pajamas for the year?  I always thought it sounded sweet.  There's nothing more delicious than baby skin wrapped in clean pajamas.  I'll eat them up I love them so!

And kids need pjs every year, anyway.  So I started looking around.  Pajama-hunting.  Mamas, I am totally blown away by the adorableness available!    I am BABA! (blown away by adorable)  Andandand…it's the very best kind of adorable.  It's chic-adorable.  Chicdorable!  (Yes I know.  Stopping now.)

But seriously, I've found some insanely cool pjs for the littles.  All in soft, breathable, 100% cotton (or bamboo)…and many are organic.  Best of all?  With the exception of maybe one or two…most of these sets are totally unisex.  Finally.  

(And psst!  We have a special discount for Ain't No Mom Jeans readers listed at the end….)

TOP:  Hanna Andersson Organic Long John Pjs in Hoot Holly, $28 on sale | Tea Collection Lucky Dragon, $39 | Skylar Luna Cars Orangic PJs, $39


MIDDLE:  Skylar Luna Lace Organic PJs, $39 | Kicky Pants Bamboo PJs in Blackbird, $36 | Skylar Luna Robot PJs, $39


BOTTOM:  Skylar Luna Red/Silver Stars, $39 | Hanna Andersson Organic PJs in Fish, $46 | Kicky Pants PJs in Twilight Starry Sky, $39


I'm also loving J.Crew's hysterical union suit for kiddos…in buffalo check.  OMG.


Looking at my list above, you can see I was dying over everything Skylar Luna.   And had to restrain myself from including their entire line.  So I sent over some fan mail, begging for a discount code…and they were kind enough to oblige!  SO.  From Thursday – Sunday (that's now through the weekend), Ain't No Mom Jeans readers can take 20% off their entire purchase at Skylar Luna with the code 'Sleep20'.

Now I'm off to bed…which reminds me…does anyone want to see some chicdorable pjs for moms?  (And I promise to never use that word again.)





  1. Absolutely positively YES I want to see some grown up options!
    I’m a comfy pj wearing kinda girl, mostly over-sized pj pants and an old t-shirt. My husband HATES them, so I added “find some pj’s you like that are comfy and NOT skanky” to my Christmas list this year. Some direction on where to look would be great!

  2. So cute! My little one only wants jammies with feet. I’ve got to find more before her one pair falls apart from being washed so often!

  3. Yes! I need chic pajamas. I would love to see a post on that so I can just forward the link along to the hubs for holiday ideas. Yay for discount codes too!

  4. Kicky Pants are the softest ever and super stretchy so they go over their heads easily. Love that brand! Zulily sometimes offers discounts on their stuff. I just told my hubby to pick out what he thought were the cutest flannel pjs from Victoria’s Secret. NOT thrilled with warm and sexy – doesn’t exist! Does it?

  5. Yes, definitely show pj’s/nighties for mamas: would love some that husbands would find appealing but that are comfortable and maybe even warm (too much to ask?). And while you’re at it, how about a post about underthings to go with momiforms. Specifically, under jeans and pants, as VPL can ruin the look of jeans that fit nicely in the seat. What are the best / comfiest options, especially for all-day wear. Love your blog!

  6. You know what else I would love? Chicdorable (and most of all COTTON) nightgowns for girls! Only Hanna and Boden consistently offer them, and they always sell out almost immediately (and at $40 a pop, sheesh!) I have girls who prefer nightgowns and the convenience of nightgowns just can’t be beat (am I the only one who always has one top and one bottom that are in the clean clothes drawer for the boys – but they don’t match?!)

  7. This post hit right when I had been researching pajamas for my two bugs, and myself. The only pjs I liked for myself where a hybrid of sorts, mixing “real clothes” with sleepwear.
    Like leggings + Tank + cute robe like this:
    Or flannel shorts with comfy sweater or oversized tee like these:
    Umm not with that top but one of these

  8. Definitely something for all ages. Pajamas don’t have an age limit, and that is what’s so great about it. Anyone can wear them, they are probably the most comfortable thing in the world.

  9. Ok, so apparently I don’t know which “reply” to hit 😉
    Vera..I’m one excited Mama when my son’s jammies actually match top and bottom! I’m glad I’m not the only one 😉

  10. Thank you! I bought a couple of girls’ pj’s for my girls! They are so cute! I can’t wait to receive them! Thank you for getting us the discount!

  11. Pajamas are always a gift we give our kids on Christmas Eve. Then they can wake up in their new warm and cozy pjs to open presents from Santa. It has become a well liked tradition in our home. Thank you for the post- great choices!

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