Modest Swimsuits That Are Actually Cute


We recently had a reader asking about swimsuits with shorts or skirts. I heard ya, you got the wheels churning and I’m in. Then, when I mentioned modest swimsuits in our team meeting, we immediately had opinions.

Full-coverage, modest swimsuits can often be overlooked with brands, but there’s been a resurgence with gorgeous options. Like, they’re still on my mind and I need to go do a full try-on for myself. The second I started updating our big ole Swim Guide for 2024, I noticed a theme of swimsuits with shorts as bottoms. I’m not just talking surf suits (although there’s a bunch of really cool options for those this year, too). Some of them lean on the cheekier side compared to surf shorts (but still have a modest top or lower hem), and others are total full-coverage. 

Modest Swim, But Make It Cute

I personally love some full-coverage swimsuits at times. Depends on the mood. My pale skin, however, loves me for it. The styles this year have me thinking it’s gonna be a very consistent mood this summer. I’m already fantasizing about these swim bottoms in ‘Picis’. Just like that one, a lot of the full-coverage swimsuits have that vintage but-not-outdated feel to them. A good little mix of the two.

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1. Boden Rash Guard + Swim Shorts

rashguard and cycling shorts swim

rash guard | shorts

Maybe it was the green that initially caught my eye (I’ve been on such a green kick), but if green isn’t your thing…click through and check out those other colors. I love that it has a zipper so you can make it a little sexier or go for that full-coverage moment.

2. J.Crew Ruched High-Rise Full-Coverage Bikini Bottom

high-waisted bikini bottoms

high-waist bottoms

Laura recently did a swim try-on and found that these would work great for someone who loves a full-coverage swim bottom. I so appreciate the high-waist and ruching, too. A little note — there’s plenty of J.Crew bikini tops you can mix and match with them. (Sizing goes up to 3x, too).

3. Athleta Maldives Sport One Piece Swimsuit

full-coverage swim


Aliya loves Athleta’s bikini version of this one-piece for a supportive fit that keeps your chest totally covered from the sun. But when we saw the one-piece version, I had to include. Kinda love the cupping detail for a little interest and that utility green color.

4. Solid & Striped The Nola Swim Skirt + Rashguard

skirt swim

rashguard | swim skirt | swim skirt at Shopbop

How freakin’ chic is this thing?! If you wanna go total full-coverage, swap the rashguard for a one-piece bathing suit you love and pop that skirt on top. It almost looks like a knitted matching set. I’m slightly obsessed.

5. Old Navy High-Waisted Swim Shorts + Rashguard

rashguard and shorts swim

rashguard | shorts

This is a great inexpensive option from Old Navy. I especially love the sporty-retro vibes of the shorts and that color.

6. Salt Gypsy Jade One-Piece Surf Suit

modest swimwear


I’m dyinggg to try this on! I can’t decide between that gorgeous blue or the dark ditsy floral print. Again, the white lines going around the suit (like those Old Navy shorts above) give a retro, sporty feel. Intentional little details like that make this full-coverage suit more interesting. This one is the cheekiest of the bunch if you’re not interested in a totally covered bum.

7. Seea Leucadia Surf Skort + Sport Surf Crop

skort swimwear

top | skort

There’s many, many things I love about this set. The stripes, those two dark panels on the side of the skirt, the navy and white mixed with that warm brown, and that the bottoms are a skort. Sporty-chic?

8. Seea Palomar Crop Top Rashguard + High-Waist Surf Bottoms

high-waisted swim

rashguard | bottoms

Okay, okay. I know I really love the ones above, but I think this is my favorite. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I first saw it. Love at first sight, truly. From the stunning green, to the groovy wave pattern and textured fabric — I’m obsessed. Definitely check out those other patterns/colors, too. They’re so good.

9. Seea Bolinas Surf One-Piece

modest swimsuits


If you’re looking for a swim dress without all the extra fabric, this one by Seea is *chefs kiss*. The green (of course) was speaking to me, but now I’m thinking the burgundy would look awesome too. Plus, it has built-in shorts and removable straps, so you can give it a one-strap look and make breastfeeding easier at the beach.

10. SKIMS Signature Swim Raglan T-Shirt + Boy Shorts

swim tee

tee | shorts

Shoutout to Kat for this recommendation. I love the idea of a swim tee. I’ve always loved the look of surf suits but this feels like a super modern version of that. It also comes in black and a barbie pink that (suprise!) I love. Bonus points: it goes up to 4x.

11. Atmosea Midnight Sparkle Surf Romper

modest swimsuits


I’ve been alll over the sparkly, metallic things. Of course I had to include this guy. The sparkly fabric makes this simple romper, one-piece something to ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh’ over.

12. La Blanca Island Goddess Top + Surf Shorts

tankini and shorts

top | shorts

I know a lot of people swear by their tankinis. I imagine one big reason is that it’s much easier than having to take off your entire suit to run to the bathroom. Practicality at its finest. This one in particular drew me in because of that sweetheart neckline and removable straps (breastfeeding-friendly!). It’s not super modest, but still has some modesty if you pair it with the shorts. The ultimate retro vibes. Also — if you’re looking for a postpartum suit and want something that works with a softer stomach, that ruching helps.

13. Andie Malibu One-Piece Swimsuit

modest swim


Andie Swim is one of S’ fave brands for swim. We loved that you can adjust the neckline on this one for more or less coverage, but it’s buttons instead of a zip. A little somethin’ different. (Sizing up to 3x).

14. Spanx Pique Shaping Plunge Swim Dress

modest swimsuits


Okaaaay, guys. Did I think swim dresses were on my radar? Admittedly, no. But with all the tennis-core fashion out there these days, this is calling me. Such a flattering neckline and sweet skirt moment. (Sizing up to 3x).

15. One Piece Swim Dress

amazon swim


This is a really great inexpensive option. Although I love the sleek look of the swim dress above, I also love the ruching bit and tie on this one. Sexy, but still understated with a touch of modesty. (Sizing up to XXL).

What other suits do you guys wanna see me round up?



  1. I wear a swim shirt all the time and often wear a skirt or swim dress (Jcrew for the win). It is just easier to be clothed with your kids at the pool, bonus there is less sunscreen to apply.

    Don’t forget the target swim romper! Totally modest and amazing for active swim days (like tubing or river exploring).

  2. This is great – I’d love to see suits for long torsos, it’s a challenge. Just a slightly longer bod, and nothing in my size fits… I have to order a larger size (To fit my rise) and then it’s often too big in other places that don’t work for me…

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