Trend Update: The New Puffer Vest



Mamas, I talked about my love of puffer vests for pooch-hiding reasons last winter, here.  And while puffer vests are often made fun of…

One popular example is the performance vest which solves the age old problem of cold chest hot arms. 

                                                                                            —- from Stuff White People Like

…I've noticed that puffer vests are still going strong (probably because we all hate that cold chest, hot arm syndrome amiright?).  In fact, puffy vests are getting chic little upgrades.  A patch of tweed, perhaps, some leather trim.  Or even…chambray?


(wearing:  Anthropologie Pindot Chambray Puffer Vest $118, J.Crew dark plaid shirt – similar at gap for $67, levi 535 skinny jeans on sale for $39, DV by Dolce Vita Java Booties on sale for $86)

I'm not the only one intrigued by the new puffers. The ubiquitous puffy vest has been seen on many a blogger, but the latest ones are rendered in soft fabrics, updated shapes (both over-sized and shrunken) and cool prints.  

photo credits, top row:  On The Racks | The Fancy Pants Report | Quite Simply, Ola

photo credits, bottom row:  Nouveau Vendimia | Eat.Sleep.Wear


Cute, right?  But I have to give credit where credit is due:  I first started taking a second look at puffy vests because of my mom.  She came out to visit in November, and while we were shopping, she was on a mission to find one new, fabulous, trendy piece.  Something that would inject her current wardrobe with a hefty shot of style.  After hours of shopping and numerous try-ons…we just couldn't find it.  "MA-AHM!" I said in exasperation.  "What do you actually LIKE to wear??  Let's just upgrade that."  Her answer?  The old stand-by, the puffy vest.  It was easy to pull on/off and helped keep her warm without reducing her to a sweaty mess (when hot flashes hit…kinda like being pregnant all over again.  Yikes.).  That day, Mom was in luck.  Look what we found at J.Crew:



Awww…isn't she cute?  

Anyway,  I was able to find some really cool puffer vests in a myriad of styles:  modern, classic, preppy, boho, etc.  (And many are on sale…)



TOP ROW:  ASOS Color-block Gilet, $88 | Quiksilver Forest Run Vest, $112 | ASOS Tweed Mix Gilet, on sale for $47

MIDDLE ROW:   Vince Puffer Vest, $385 | Anthropologie Cord Puffer Vest, $118 | Target Retro Vest, on sale for $20

LAST ROW:  Nike LA 84 Vest, $100 | Penfield Barksdale Vest, on sale for $171 | Delia's Nordic Puffer, on sale for $15


Happy shopping!!!



ps.  Gang, thank you SO much for all of your awesome (and quick and easy) hair styling tips!!  There was so much discussion that I added a linky to the bottom of the post.  Feel free to add your pics of cool do's (Pocketful of Joules, thanks for the instagram pic – I added it to the linky).  Also, I added a few example pics at the end of the post that I recieved today from readers.  See the whole shebang here!



  1. I love that you used that quote about vests. I think about it every time I wear one! That site is hilarious.
    Your mom looks amazing! I want to show some friends her picture because they’re convinced that skinny jeans and tall boots only work on college kids. Apparently they have been walking around with their eyes closed since, as we readers all know, it’s pretty much the mom uniform around most parts!

  2. dang you enabler! i have been coveting those boots all winter – and now they are on sale and in stock in my size. i have a package coming from nordstrom now…

  3. Aww, thanks Shana for posting my wavy hair shot!
    I love the puffy vest on you and the Target retro version is totally going on my list of things to check out.
    BTW, I totally was talking about you in my “I Wish I Was A Fashion Blogger” post and you’ve inspired me to break out of my fashion rut. I just bought/wore a wrap dress from Banana Republic and loved feeling put together so much that I ordered another one… Hmm..enabler indeed!

  4. I must be the only person on the planet who suffers from cold-arm syndrome. Vests are totally useless to me, since I end up putting a cardigan on over them to keep my arms warm! And this pregnancy has just been the worst for feeling cold–there is nothing like being hormonally cold (I know, I’m weird–I’ve had two “hot” pregnancies, and now two “cold” ones. Not sure which is worse). Sigh.

  5. I have an entire closet full of puffer vests and I refuse to apologize for them. lol I found a nice red one from Lands End at the thrift store for $3 and nearly fell over from excitement.

  6. I love my purple down vest. It’s pretty technical, but whatever, I live in the East Bay of SF, it’s practically a uniform. At least it’s not North Face. 😉
    Though those more stylish vests are calling my name… so now I need a pair of wedge sneakers and a styling vest and I’ll be set until the next thing that I need…

  7. Of course I fall in love with the Vince vest. I love their clothes- the cuts, the fabrics, the details and how their clothes fit. S-I-G-H…don’t see it in my future with the price tag.
    And I agree with Belinda- we can all see where you get your gorgeousness from!!!

  8. I have a white puffer vest from Fossil with a faux fur trim hood from AGES ago that I still wear all the time. My husband mocks me every time I wear it… and I don’t care. He throws out a quote from Back to the Future (yeah, he’s a nerd), which he’s seen a billion times. Something like…. “Get a load of this guy’s life preserver. Dork thinks he’s gonna drown.”

  9. Your mom looks fab, but that chambray vest you’re wearing makes me think mine might mysteriously get lost *cough*. You look head to toe fab!

  10. Did you get the ALC sweater? If so, how was it sized? I saw it on eBay too, but unsure of sizing. Since it’s “splurge-worthy” (according to Shana) I’d love to pull the trigger on it, but the inability to return is making me a little hesitant…. I’d LOVE your feedback!

  11. Thanks for the inspiration! I just found a red down Gap one at the thrift shop around the corner for $3. Now I can try it without feeling guilty about spending a lot of money.

  12. I meant to comment on this post earlier but just forgot. I am so happy, Shana, that you suggested I purchase this vest. It has become my go to piece. I wear it all the time. The vest actually keeps me warm without my overheating. Love it. Love you! What fun to see my photo here and the great comments by your readers. I, too, am a big fan!! xxoo

  13. Oh Kim! I lost the sweater! I just saw your comment..It went for more than I was ready to spend…BUT! go look for BB Dakotas…spring sweater…same thing! I got a small but am waiting for the xsmall just to try..

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