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Sandal booties

It happens sometimes.  The shared ANMJ Gmail account is not a perfect system for information transfer.  You want to know this mama’s name?  Sorry.  We lost it.  You’d like to know how she got the idea to pair a chambray skirt with a basic tank and statement shoes to set off her fab gams?  We forgot.  You like these crazy cute sandals, Mamas?  Too bad.  We don’t know the brand. We do know she got them in Spain, however.  It’s very memorable, because S. and my disappointment was palpable, even electronically.  .  .

I adore these shoes because they move booties into summer, and they will make literally any outfit.  So we rounded up a few drool-worthy bootie sandals in honor of this week’s mystery Mom Street Style–who is absolutely rocking the sandal bootie look–to assuage any bootie sandal envy that may here ensue (please write in if you know this mama—we’d love to give her credit!). 

Pair them with a t-shirt and cutoffs you haven’t had a chance to wash in weeks (sooo much laundry, too few rainy days to justify doing it. . .) and you’re suddenly the edgiest mom strolling the botanic gardens in effortlessly stylish comfort.  Pregnant and just realizing you might not be able to pull off 4-inch wedges this summer?  Bootie sandals.  Bored by that t-shirt dress you’ve had since college?  Sandal booties will bring it up to date.  Wondering what to wear with a tank and boyfriend jeans? Bootie sandals.  Baby wearing feeling a bit precarious in platforms?  Thrown on some sandal booties instead.  Meeting childless friends at a summer music fest?  Sport these babies on with a pooch-hiding boho dress and a denim vest, and your hub’s best friend’s new girlfriend (even if she is 7 years younger than you) will drool over your yummy bootie sandals.  Or sandal booties.  Whatever. 

Check out these tasty picks and let us know what you think! 

Mom Street Style Sandals Bootie


On a final, cautionary note, Mamas, if you do go the bootie sandal route, be sure to alternate them with other shoes as they do leave a cah-razy a tanline : )!

– M.   


  1. I like ’em! I am a big fan of sandals with backs/tops for mamas of toddlers and preschoolers (aka mamas who do lots of chasing) and these fit the bill oh-so-stylishly. I’ll be on the lookout for some of these for sure!

  2. I think “shabootie ” might be my new favorite word. :). Great picks, though. For the record, these are Mike’s fav sandals. He thinks they are SO sexy.

  3. Oh I so want to like these. But they just aren’t my style. Sigh. Oh well, I do think they look cute on other people, so I’ll just admire other Mama’s feet. 🙂

  4. I think those are super cute! I never really considered them but maybe I will give them a second look.
    And is it bad that when I saw the title of this post, I thought of the other “bootie”? haaa. I was confused about what that had to do with sandals.
    I have issues. 🙂

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