Mom Street Style: Amber’s Perfect Not-Too-Short Short-Shorts


Mamas, we're going to be talking about long shorts tomorrow for our June How We Wear It…but I wanted to show you Amber's latest find:



Whoa.  I love everything about these.  Amber writes:

I found a bevy of color choices in the Ryan fit this weekend and just might have bought them all. Why? Well, for starters you can snag them for $15 a pair at BR outlets right now but mostly they make my butt look awesome. Just enough shorty short leg, higher waist (just an inch below my belles button, and of course a flat front. They may be so last season, but I am so in love! (My 4 yr old snapped this photo on our way to the pool).

Awesome, Amber.  Thank you SO much!

Mamas, as Amber mentions, you can find the Ryan shorts at local Banana Republic outlets (or Factory stores)…or, for the lazy (like moi), there's a bunch on eBay (including these in white eyelet, or this fantastic orange print – almost all sizes available.  Seriously love these.)



UPDATE:  Amber's gorg swimsuit is by Athena, and is no longer available.  However, Athena has a whole range of new suits for 2013, most with a secret slimming panel in the tummy.  I'm kinda partial to this one.




  1. Ooh, Target’s Merona line has some really cute shorts in lots of colors and they were like $12 — they’re the perfect mid-length short. I couldn’t decide and ended up purchasing 3 pairs – navy w/ turquoise polka dots, turquoise, and grey…

  2. I will be running, not walking, to a BR outlet this weekend. I haven’t been able to find a pair of shorts this year that wrap around me just right. They are either too wide in the thighs, too short or make my booty look flat. I have my fingers crossed! And I want to know where that suit is from too. Love!

  3. These have been my official shorts of Summer 2013. I have the polka dots, khaki, green, and grey. I love them- they are the perfect length.

  4. These look fabulous on you, Amber!
    Question for all of you- anyone have a great pair of denim shorts? My all time pair finally died- after 12 years and 2 kids. I have no idea where to even start! But I figured ANMJ readers may have an idea. Thanks!

  5. BR Factory Stores have $5 shipping (the last time I randomly ordered something anyway) – might be cheaper than eBay.

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