Mom Street Style – Amber’s Perfect Outfit For Bi-Polar Weather


Amber sent in this pic of herself trick-or-treating in the very "bi-polar" Texas weather they're having: 


Amber wrote: 

Have you been to Texas? It's the bipolar state. Seriously, this is the weather pattern for the last week: Monday, record breaking high of 82. Thursday, we woke up to 3 inches of snow. Today, it was back up in the high 60's, but as the sun went down and we hit the streets, the temperatures began to drop again. This makes trick or treat wear difficult. Walking shoes are a must and there's an 8 month old in the stroller who will end up being carried. Still, as odd as my ankle pants and coat combination can seem, looking at this picture my sister snapped, I think I rocked it. Maybe it's  because I'm holding hands with the most adorable Minnie Mouse this state has ever seen.

Amber, you totally rocked it.  Am loving the cropped pants and longer coat.  It's a perfect example of spot-on proportion play.  Nice, Chick.  I'm totally going to copy this look!  (And Minnie Mouse?  Adorbs!)

Amber's wearing a coat by Kenneth Cole Reaction, Gap cropped pants, Sperrys, and cat ears 'cause it makes her daughter happy.  

LOVE this, Amber!!  Thanks so much for writing in!!!




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