Mom Street Style: Annika’s Perfect 10 for Late Winter / Early Spring


Remember this?  Where we get to peek into a reader's closet and see her top ten most-worn, hardest-working pieces?  Here's Annika's…


Can I just say I love you guys…a LOT?  I can't tell you the inspiration that you have been to me since I had my baby girl, Mia, 17 months ago.  My clothing challenge is two fold: 1) Being a SAHM, and 2) Being a native Southern Californian trying to survive looooong, cold Seattle winters.  All I want to do most days is curl up with a cup of tea in the warmest sweats I can find!  There is a reason flannels and coffee have been so popular here…



1. Plaid Button-Down 

I always expect these to go out of style, but they seem fresh year after year. I am still on an endless search to find one as thick and warm as men's shirts are made, but for now I own one from JCrew, and I love it!

(psst!  The plaid pictured is from J.Crew and currently on sale for $60, plus an additional 30% off…)


2. Washable Silk Blouse

Machine washable…or at least hand washable. Because sometimes we need to feel a little more fabulous.

(pictured: Nordstrom silk blouse currently on sale for $118)


3. WARM Cashmere Sweater

Warm, warm, warm cashmere sweater.  I pick mine up on sale from JCrew usually.  My most recent acquisition was this one (for $50 in store). 


4. Goldsign Misfit Jean

*That* perfect pair of jeans. The ones that you found after trying on 50 pairs. The ones that make your butt look perky and fantastic.  The ones that you could wear every. single. day. I found mine in the Goldsign Misfit jean. None of this "jegging" stuff- they hold me in and stay put!


5. Burgundy Skinnies  

Or, I suppose whatever colored jeans works with your wardrobe.  For me, it's these. They were an investment buy, but I wear them over and over and with everything. [Note from S:  I'm seriously considering the insanely cool coated version, now on sale.]

(pictured: J Brand Zoey Jeans)


6. Cute and Comfy Sweatshirt

This is on your must have list to, right?  I recently bought this one, and for $9 I wish I had snagged 3 more for when they wear out… [Note from S:  Here's the latest sweatshirt from Target's recent collab…but more on fancy sweatshirts later – they are on my must-have list for Spring!  Coming out soon…]


7.  Infinity Scarf

I am scarf-tying challenged, so a warm knit that I can just loop around my neck is a must.  I also found it quite amazing when I discovered that keeping one's neck warm can keep the whole body warm! (whoda thunk?).  I purchased mine on Etsy, because it's always nice to support an individual!

(pictured: PikaPika Creative Scarf)


8. Million Dollar Earrings

That piece of jewelry you can put on with a plain t-shirt and/or yoga pants and just feel great. 

(pictured: Stella & Dot Serenity Stone Drops)


9. Comfy Heels

Because sometimes we have to look nice and chase a toddler at the same time.  This one is directly from Ain't No Mom Jeans, because the Aerosoles Tapestry Pump in cobalt blue
are my absolute go-to shoes now.  And, holy moly they are comfy!


10. A Dress-Up-or-Down Skirt

For me, it's a gold version of JCrew's classic mini. I don't know why it works, but it does.  


And a picture! Attached is a photo of me wearing my favorite plaid top, infinity scarf, and earrings.  Of course, my best accessory is the beautiful girl I am holding!

10 2

Thanks so much for what you do. I hope that you find your work rewarding, because you have helped many, many women feel much better about their appearances. And if we are honest, a women who feels like she looks good feels like she can pretty much do anything!


I agree!  Annika, thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to pull together a list of your favorite pieces.  You look fabulous, and now I am KICKING MYSELF for not picking up that darn Proenza sweatshirt at Target!!  :)

If anyone else wants to play along, feel free to send in a pic, and links to your favorite pieces (or similar pieces).  It doesn't need to be 10.  (Five is easier for me – HA – or it can even be just one or two.)  Just let us know why these pieces are your favs.



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