Mom Street Style: Christie’s Casual-Cool Ballgame Outfit (Plus Denim Giveaway Winner!!)


IMG_2259 I ran into Christie and her totally adorable son down by Coor's Field, heading into a sports pub for a drink/dinner/whatever.

Let's stop, for a moment, and take note:  Red shoes on kiddos are possibly the coolest thing ever.

Back to Christie:  I love everything about Christie's outfit.  It's basically the most mom-friendly outfit possible (I actually wear something like this to the park…or as reader Vanessa would call it, it's my "parkiform")…but Christie makes it perfect for a casual night out / ballgame by playing with the accessories. 

Sweet shades? Check.

Cool hat?  Check.

Oversized clutch?  You bet.  (This is exactly why all men need their own version of a diaper bag, BTW.  When we go out as a fam, Mike's often carrying all the baby goods in his TimBuk2.  I'm carrying something cute. )

Want to re-create?  Of course you do. 

Christie is wearing Kasil jeans, a Topshop shirt,TOMS and a Penguin hat.  Here's how I'd recreate:


But what about the giveaway???  If you missed it, last Friday we did a moms style linkup to kick off the giveaway.  If you haven't checked it out, be sure to do that.  A few "teasers" that come to mind….Bibliomomia's tutorial on making a t-shirt-n-jeans uniform more interesting with bright pops of color, Tysie's gorgeous striped skirt with sneaks (LOVE the skirt + sneaks combo) and See Mommy Cook's simple yet gorgeous babywearing uniform.  But my very favorite part of the linkup?  The way that most of the moms mentioned that this was the first time (in a long, long time) that they had been in front of the camera!  Love that. 

But the winner!!!  The winner is….

Screen shot 2011-04-21 at 4.15.52 PM
Lisa!  From Being an American Mom!

Lisa, shoot me an email and I'll put you in contact with the folks at Shop Adorn!

Readers, let me know how you liked the linkup!  AAANND…if you guys would be interested in doing it again….




  1. Very cute look, and congrats to Lisa!
    I would love to see a post about styling TOMS. I really want a pair, but I am holding back because I can only imagine wearing them with jeans.
    What other looks would be cute with TOMS?

  2. Thanks for the comments, Gang! And Jen – I LOVE these types of shirts with shorts. Will def. be rocking that look myself.
    Ann – I wear my TOMS with virtually everything (skirts, dresses included). But we are working on a TOMS article, so stay tuned!

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