I always get a kick when I hear from a reader in some far-off country.  Like…someone in the Philippines is reading my blog?  No way!

The internet is cool.  So cool.

Anyway, Che (or Cheryl) sent in some adorable pics for Mom Street Style.  She writes:


My name is Cheryl Azarraga from the Philippines, a mom of two adorable kids named Zoey and Savannah. I happen to stumble through your blog while searching for fashionable moms to get me inspired.

My story is that ever since when I was a kid, I truly love to dress up.  I am the type of mom who wouldn’t leave the house wearing a boring outfit. I also am the type to wear something that would make me feel good all throughout the day. I mostly wear laid back outfits like jeans and booties and stuff, sans fur of course, since we do not usually wear them here in our country. I keep fit as well by being vegetarian. I also study meditation to keep a stress free life. We don’t want wrinkles at the age of 31 right?

My activities consists of yoga, meditation and of course, blogging. I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now. I’ve put up my blog mainly just to share my everyday musings, and of course, to share my love of fashion.

Sing it, Sister.  

Anyway, I love how Cheryl used a cool necklace, a funky watch, and a hat to dress up a basic t-shirt & cut-offs.  The look is quirky, but cool.  And the shoes?



Practical and cool.  Nice!

Thanks, Cheryl!! So glad you sent in pics!  And Mamas – check out her blog.  This mom of two knows how to rock a bikini with confidence.  




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