Mamas.  Meet Cheralyn, who wrote in with the following darling email:

I found your blog a little over a year ago, pregnant with my second and feeling a little lost in the fashion department.  I didn't fit into my first pregnancy's maternity wear, it was too large.  And having a active toddler in tow is a challenge when your pants are consistently falling down!  But I couldn't justify myself buying a whole new wardrobe for four or five months and then again when I was nursing…  Your blog showed me not only how to make what I had in my closet work, but what to invest in to make my clothes last postpartum and beyond…  This outfit is one of my staples and I feel is a perfect example of how much y'all have helped me not only stay fashionable but push the bar a little even though I am a stay at home mom. 🙂 I love wearing cowboy boots with my boho style, I feel like they are a classic and yet always have that vintage feel.  And they are actually a great alternative to wellies, perfect for playing in the wet grass!

Cheralyn's edgy, triple-layered (so interesting, right?) spring-transitional outfit over playground-friendly leggings and cowboy boots is perfect for chasing babes, grappling with erratic spring weather (much like toddler mood swings) and romping on the playground. The playful floral print and white tank read "spring" while the addition of dark, slimming leggings and a cardi speak to the fact that Spring sometimes stalls, like here, where I got a touch of sun burn over the weekend in 85 degree weather and it is now snowing <sigh> . . .

Cheralyn, you're rockin' that boho/retro/rockabilly vibe (even though you're a stay at home mom ; ) we love it!  Thank you so much for writing in, and Mamas, pppplease, keep 'em coming.  We're always inspired when we see what you're wearing!

– M.



  1. Love the outfit – especially the brown tights and the cowboy boots. I have a great pair of cowboy boots that I rarely wear and should wear more often. The winner here is the dress with the layers – fun and dressed up, but totally practical. WOW!

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