Mom Street Style – Christie Shows Us How Sporty Is Done


IMG_0161Mamas, I must confess.  One of my outfits in our Wearing Workout Gear Beyond the Gym article (sponsored by Champion) was blatant copy of the outfit that this little cutie is wearing.

Meet Christie.  She was my awesome neighbor back in Denver.  And while technically she isn't a mom, she is posing next to her baby, Choco.

I'd run into Christie a couple of times a day when she'd head out for walks with Choco.  (R would literally run to the door when he heard Choco bounding out of Christie's apartment, so our meetings were not as 'chance' as they may have seemed.)  

In any case, day-after-day, Christie looked like this.  Totally comfortable, totally chic.  The girl knows how to rock some workout gear.  Cool scarf, cool shoes…voila!  Instant cute.

But my very favorite look of hers?  I like to call it "When Crazy Pants Comes To Town…."


Yeah, baby.  Now that's how it's done.  Love it.  The crazy pants, the cute jacket, the flats – love it all.




  1. I love those pants! They seem like such a Colorado thing to wear, I never see anything like that in Indiana. Makes me miss my home state. *sniff*

  2. Emily – I TOTALLY agree. 🙂 And Christy has both.
    Olivia – Aren’t they!! I don’t see much of that over in Philly either…sniff, sniff!

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