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Meet Crunchy Con Mommy!  She's a conservative mom blogger–check out her bread recipies (I think I'm going to do the natural sourdough starter this week!) and fun craft ideas at Crunchy Con Mommy–who recently submitted this adorable color-blocked look for Mom Street Style.  She writes:

I was playing dress-up this morning and came up with an outfit that was actually kinda cool (I hope! If not, please tell me so I don't wear it in public-today I just wore it in the backyard), so I wanted to submit it for your Real Moms Street Style segment. To me it kinda seemed like 50's geek meets the 2012 colorblocking & monochrome trends. . . At first I didn't like the high-waist [shorts], but now I realize that they are super comfy and actually flattering on me. I never really got rid of the diastasis recti I had when pregnant with my son, so the smallest part of me is up pretty high-like where these shorts come to-so they actually make me look like I have a waist, unlike most shorts.. I'd definitely recommend to other moms with diastasis recti (or who are postpartum) and are looking for summer bottoms that don't add bulk to mid-sections you're trying to camoflauge.

We got right back to her to tell her we loved her look, and thought she should totally venture outside the backyard.  CCM is right–these black, high waisted shorts are perfect for whittling a waist and are a great option for mamas with diastasis.  The bright pops of color tied together with a printed preppy belt and ladylike straw handbag polish this perfect spring/summer outfit for lunch with friends, running around town or casual Fridays at work, but would still be comfortable and functional enough for the playground.

For another fabulous, ladylike summer look, check out The Sarlorialist's recent snap of a yummy mummy on 7th Ave. in NYC.  Love her bright red cardi over the muted, neutral polka dot printed day dress and the prim ballerina bun.

– M.




  1. thank for posting my pic! My preschooler and I have both been sick for over a week and I don’t feel very glamorous today (in yoga pants sitting by a box of Kleenex), and seeing this post definitely brightened my day!
    I totally love my black shorts. One thing I forgot to mention about them is that because they are small where I am small, they are several dress sizes smaller than all the other pants and shorts I wear!

  2. Love this!! And a sourdough starter??? I need to go and read her method. I’ve thrown away THREE in the last few months…grrrr!!

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