Mom Street Style – Maggie’s Cream and White In Winter



I ran into Maggie outside of the Starbucks in Wayne.  Maggie was there with her youngest (who was NOT into being photographed, LOL), and was hard to miss in her gorgeous winter white against a sea of dark clothes.  

I'm always a bit hesitant to ask for a photo out here in Philly….people aren't *quite* as accommodating on the East Coast as they are in Denver….but so far, everyone has been great (I'm clearly over-thinking the stereotypes).  And happily, Maggie was no exception. THEN I found out she had moved from Denver herself a few years ago.  LOL!  Of course.

Maggie is wearing a peacoat by Calvin Klein, Lilly Pulitzer cords (so Mainline of her!), Frye Western boots, and J.Crew gloves.  (She told me the maker of her scarf, but my iPhone so helpfully auto-corrected whatever she told me to "Gansu it scarf", so…uh….good luck with that.) 

To recreate?  Throw on shades of cozy cream and white with wild abandon.  Varying the textures is a great tip for rocking a monochromatic look.  Maggie nails it with the wool coat, cords, and knit scarf.  She looks both chic and cozy.

Thanks, Maggie!  It was so nice meeting you!




  1. Gorge! I couldn’t pull this off even before having kids! I’ve always admired those who could wear all white. Unfortunately I’m a stain magnet.

  2. I started reading your blog a few months ago and love it. I was on vacation last week so read the blog again for the first time today. Imagine my surprise to see my neighbor across the street staring back at me. Maggie always looks great so I’m not surprised you wanted to take her picture for the blog. Her husband and kids are adorable too.

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