Mom Street Style: Erin’s Ankle Boots and Skinnies


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Mamas, reader Erin sent in this shot of herself rockin' the ankle boots. Erin wrote:

Thank you for your post on skinny jeans and ankle boots! I have been trying to figure out how to make this combo work for awhile and it never seemed to work right. But Yes! cuffing the jeans totally works! Just sharing my fall momiform: skinnies, ankle boots, dolman-sleeve sweater, and scarf (photo courtesy of my 5-year-old). Thanks for the awesome blog!

Erin, thanks for the awesome pic.  You nailed it.  

Mamas, if you are crushing over her denim as badly as I am (I've been on the hunt for the a pair of not too light, perfectly worn blue skinnies…and WOW.  Search is over.)…the are J.Brand's 910 skinnies in songbird.  Her boots are the BP Trolley boots in black ($99 and almost sold out at Nordstrom's), her sweater is Trouve's Oversized sweater, $68 and her gorgeous blue scarf is also from Nordstroms, although Erin couldn't quite remember which one it was (Halogen, maybe?).  Here's a pretty turquoise scarf ($28) that is similar. 

Erin, thanks so much for sending this gorgeous pic!!  I love all of your picks…don't be surprised if I blatantly copy this outfit.  




ps.  Mamas, I'm not sure what the rest of our week will look like.  At this point, we're right in the path of Frankenstorm.  Most predictions for the Philly area are not when we'll lose power, but for how long.  Crazy!  So we're all stocked up on water, flashlights, batteries, and organic junk food (if we have to eat popcorn and chips for three days, it might as well be, uh, sort of healthy?)  Although, I don't trust us to stay out of our Halloween candy stash.  At this point we're not expecting many trick-or-treaters….

Stay safe, Mamas!!  I'll update you when I can…

pps.  Happy Birthday, Mom!!  I love you!


  1. Love the sweater, Erin!! I totally want to buy this but am a little nervous about the dry-clean label…anyone have any insight into how this would hold up with hand washing??

  2. Look, I love what you do here and Erin looks amazing. But most of us do not have thighs that don’t touch or hips that are still so slim. I guess I’m saying that I come here to feel like I can find things to wear on my average person body and am pretty sure I’m not looking at an average person body right now. I’d give up my left eye and maybe some offspring to have that shape!!

  3. So simple, yet it looks like you put a lot of thought into it, and i think it could work on ANY body type!
    Hope everyone is safe and was able to salvage Halloween today!

  4. I have to agree with kim! NOTHING (at all, I promise) against Erin or the look, both of which are great! It’s just…maybe it’s the fact that I live in the midwest, I don’t know, but I honestly don’t know any mamas or even grown women who are *that* slim/trim. I just don’t see it around, hardly ever.
    So maybe a balance of these type of posts/pictures with some slightly more typical-mama-body friendly ones? I mean, if the average American women is, what….size 14?….there’s gotta be other mamas out there would would benefit as well (-:

  5. Hope you’re doing alright Shana.
    We were super lucky and didn’t even lose power.
    My middle schooler was thrilled to get time off school, and my preschooler was thrilled to go back to school!
    Take care.

  6. Love this look and ordered it all, except had to go with Karma wash ( very close) because they didn’t have my post bump size.
    I do not wear anything close to a size zero, and would say my body type would be described as an hourglass…ish (thanx spanx) apple with an extra helping of booty. I carry my weight on top but still have curves and thinner legs. The only thing on me I wouldn’t change would be my ankles and my lower arms and wrists (haha). I do think this would work for various body types.
    I love this blog, I have read many others and thought their advise was either NOT Practical or yawn-worthy. Your advise is just right!

  7. I feel like ANMJ does a GREAT job of showcasing different body types. And I love seeing mamas of ALL shapes and sizes on here and adapting their looks to compliment my shape. Oh and Erin, you’re beautiful!

  8. I hand wash a lot of my dry clean only clothes with no problem (silk, cashmere, etc.). I just wash it gently, rinse in cold water, roll in a towel, then lay down flat to dry.

  9. Honey, I was so excited about the booties, I missed the happy birthday wishes at the end. Thanks, Sweetie. Love you tons.
    PS: The booties have arrived, but I have yet to open the box and try them on.

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