Reader Style – Esther Is Weeks Post-Partum In This Lands’ End Swimsuit And It’s Amazing



Are you ready for this one?  This is a pic of gorgeous Esther from last summer.  Merely weeks after her fourth kiddo was born.

Did you catch that?  Her fourth.  Just weeks after.

Esther wrote:

“A FAVORITE past-time of my family’s is to go swimming. Faced with the prospect of a post baby body with a good month of summer left, I felt pressure to be game for the pool and for the lake at a moment’s notice.  So I took my eight month pregnant self to the less than appealing local mall to check out the Land’s End swimsuits.  Land’s End??  I was dubious.  In fact, I never would have taken a second look if it hadn’t been for your blog.  Ever.  But as I walked through the swimsuit section I was seriously impressed with the quality of their suits.  I could tell right away that these wouldn’t shift around or need constant adjusting.  I found a style that I could easily nurse in and was happy to see that aside from being easy to untie and provide modest access, it also offered a fully lined and padded bust section which would be forgiving in case of nursing mishaps.   What types of mishaps?? I don’t really know.  It just seems better to have more than one thin layer between the girls and the pool going public just in case.  I liked the color straight away, so I guessed at a size and brought the suit home.  Since having Hollis it has really served me well.  I haven’t been a bummer and squelched our pool/lake outings on account of feeling miserable in a swimsuit, and that has made my WHOLE family really happy!”

LOVE this.  Esther (aka Chinny Chin Chin) is such a rock star.  Her whole attitude is great.  And when in doubt?  Add big sunglasses and glam earrings.  Rock on, baby.

UPDATES FOR 2015:  Lands’ End has updated this style – it’s the Slender Grecian and now includes a more modest neckline which I HATE.  However, the Shape and Enhance Ultra (with extra tummy control) might be a really good option, or try the Victoria’s Secret Ruched Halter or J.Crew’s Ruched Halter.

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  2. This looks great! I’ve found, though, that a pattern or design of some sort is more flattering to my tummy than one layer of a solid color. No ruching or anything else going on around the middle shows every lump, bump, my belly button unless it’s lined well or has serious control. I love the styles in the article, though, especially the sporty first one and the purple. Would love a section on stylish cover-ups or pareos since I’m still not crazy about my legs, either.

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