Mom Street Style – February 2010 Mom


One of my dear friends was visiting from Minneapolis last week.  She and I grew up together in the beautiful (but oh-so-cold-and-snowy) Marquette, MI.  Despite my background, I spent the entire weekend cursing the weather gods for all of the snow and cold that suddenly blew into Denver.  My friend, on the other hand, wasn't fazed in the least.  She pointed out that Denver was still about 20 degrees warmer than our hometown (or Minneapolis for that matter) and that Denver didn't get "real" snow.  Just something fluffy that more closely resembles the fake snow they use on stage.  Certainly nothing you can make snowballs out of.  And this stuff often melts at the first sign of sun.  A far cry from our hometown, where the last snowbanks sometimes finished melting in June.  So yes – I've gone soft.

One of my favorite things about living in such a climate as Denver is the ability to wear ballet flats.  I've always loved the Audrey Hepburn inspired outfits that involved ballet flats and slim little capri pants…but the reality was that in Michigan, ballet flat season lasted approximately 6 weeks:  From the beginning of September (after the summer thunderstorms and muggy heat stopped) through mid October (before the first snowfall).  Not practical.

All of this, by the way, is my way of apologizing to our Northern readers for our February Mom.  Get ready for severe ballet flat envy.

IMG_0926 I love Nicole's outfit, pictured at left.  I love the rolled jeans and ballet flats, I love the sophisticated black and white palette with a pop of color (pink!!), I love that she's carrying a fancy bag full of diapers instead of a diaper bag.  

Nicole is really wearing a glorified (and sophisticated) take on the basic t-shirt & jeans mom uniform, and her outfit is a great example of using a fabulous coat to dress up your t-shirt and jeans.

A note on Nicole's jeans:  Nicole is wearing CJ by Cookie Johnson's Faith jeans, $117 at Nordstrom's.  These jeans have a higher rise, but due to a special waistband, they won't gap at the waist.   Nicole tried to claim these jeans were her version of "mom jeans"…but if all mom jeans were this hot, the name of this blog would be different.  

Lastly, check out little Caroline in her matching black-white-pink outfit and rainboots.  Sigh.  Little boy clothes are getting better….but this is a whole different category of cute.



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