We received this street style submission via email from new mom Fran of You Frill Me:

Hey ANMJ gals,
love your blog, been reading for a while now.  

What I want to know is why does the shorter (knee – to – midi – length; I'm not talking mini here), fuller skirt seem to get overlooked as a viable momdrobe option? I have a couple, and I find them easy and comfy to wear.  I think they are feminine and fun, and can work on a variety of body types.  The fuller shape of the skirt makes it easy to play with kiddos on the floor, and the shorter length is way cooler than a maxi skirt on a hot day. If it's chilly out, I put leggings or tights underneath. Plus, it's easy to throw on a cute patterned skirt with a neutral-ish top, and look put-together and chic, especially for those of us that enjoy a vintage, classic vibe, and for those of us who are a bit on the petite side, which makes finding a maxi that isn't too long (and doesn't swamp us) difficult.  Can we give this shape skirt some love?

Here's my take on it:


She looks amazing, no?

What do you think, Mamas?  I've always avoided this shape because I'm worried about wind or accidental exposure (although tights or leggings would take care of that).  And I know Em's article warned against a flowy skirt with a mischievous toddler….but….hunh.  Fran looks great, so I'm tempted.  And she's right – a vintage vibe is fun and totally on-trend at the moment. 

Do we need to give these skirts more love? 

Thanks for writing in, Fran!  Love the outfit – pattern mixing and all!  Nice!



ps.  Em – I especially want to hear from you!  Could you rock this skirt around R??  Admittedly, he might be more mischievous than most, LOL!


  1. I wear skirts like this all the time – one of my favorite ways to look “dressed up” without sacrificing ease to do life! Mine tend to be a smidge longer – hitting just below the knee – which works for my height and shape. So yes, I definitely think this can be a great mom look!

  2. I’ve been wondering about this type of skirt as well. I have a few from a couple years ago that I just can’t make myself get rid of. I haven’t worn them in forever, but maybe I should. I used to pair them with a cute t-shirt, sometimes tied in a knot just to offset the fullness of the skirt. Keep all the great ideas coming!

  3. Absolute staple of my wardrobe. I probably have more of this type of skirt than any other type, and I’ve had no problems at all with weather or babes. Certainly, you have to make sure that you can lean over with no problems. And the fuller the skirt (more fabric), the more likely it is that wind will pick it up. But I LOVE this length, especially all the midis that are around this fall. Go for it, mamas!

  4. Actually, I wear that length of skirt or dress quite a lot with my little ones and have found it to be pretty mom friendly. I’ve yet to find a maxi that doesn’t swamp me or drag on the ground, and I like a knee length or midi length skirt much better!

  5. I’m petite and have lots of these from before child days. I have a mischievous 3 year old. Tried the two of them together, lets say Target shoppers got more of a show than they bargained for. I might try again in fall with leggings but for now they are off my mom shelf.

  6. Love this length of skirt! I wear it a lot. It’s just not super playground friendly when you have to follow your kid of the jungle gym ladder or go down the slide with him. I’ll wear it every other day though! And Fran, your outfit is great, love the stripes with floral!!

  7. I wear this length all the time (especially in the midwesr humidity) even tbough my 2.5 yr old has attempted pulling it down & lifting it up. I do usually wear boy short undies with them but love this style!

  8. I also wear a lot of skirts like this. My girls are a bit older, 6.5 and 3, and they don’t usually pull on it. In the summer, I just hope for the best. Looking forward to being able to layer with tights and leggings!

  9. She looks cute in it, but I don’t. I am more a complete A line skirt gal myself. It’s my mostly round body I’m guessing. Somehow it just has it’s way with skirts like this, and it’s way is no friend to me. Love your site.

  10. Um…Fran looks amazing! Love mixed prints! I’m sticking to my comment that R (and any other toddler boy I watch…why only boys?!) would lift this up/hide in it in a heartbeat. I do love midis for fall…back to bike shorts underneath for protection??

  11. Really mixed feelings on skirts like this, for me personally. Not sure they’re right for my current shape, for one thing. I have legs bordering on too-skinny, and a midsection that could use more sit-ups and cardio. These skirts can tend to look too…billowy on my legs, like there’s too much fabric, unless I find a magic one with just the right fit (tough to do in a certain price range, you know?) So there’s the fit/look thing, and also the fact that, ideally, on a good day, I’m literally running around with my boys, wrestling, climbing, chasing, hiding, etc. I guess adding bike shorts underneath could accommodate that type of activity, but at that point, for me it’s like, why not just go for a skort.
    Which suddenly is making me wonder if there’s like, a crafty tutorial somewhere on how to transform (upgrade?) a regular skirt into a skort… hello hypothetical best of both worlds?

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