Mom Street Style: Francine At Kindergarten Orientation


Sooo…Raines started kindergarten today.  It was…umm…OK.  I suppose.  The school has done a good job in breaking us in:  yesterday the kids went to class for only an hour while the principal talked to the parents, and last week we did a quick orientation (meet the teacher, see the classroom, etc.).

While we were at this orientation, Mike spotted Francine.  Like a total creepy-creepster he got this shot from his hip:


I actually love that he does this.  Such a supportive guy.

My favorite part about this pic is the look on Francine's face.  The eyes speak volumes.  This picture perfectly sums up my first-born-goes-to-kindergarten experience.  

I did end up introducing myself to Francine (how could I not??) and she is so impossibly chic.  Francine is from France, her daughters are both bilingual (Elia and Ondine…OMG I die over those names) and each time I've run into her she looks amazing.  Effortlessly chic, rather than just trendy.  Fashion as self-expression at it's best.  I could probably start a Tumblr called, "What Francine Wears to School Drop-Off" but that's creepier than Mike's hip shot, so I'll refrain. 



Of course everything she's wearing is from France (of course it is), so I don't have any helpful links for you…but as we continue to talk about trends over the next few weeks, I'll be keeping Francine's example in mind:

Trends are great…personal style is better.

Francine, thank you for being so gracious.  See you Friday.  :)




  1. I’ve started a comment on here more times than I can count and I always end up deleting it or getting called away. I wanted to tell you that I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Cancer when you’re a young mom is an extra heavy load to carry. I did 6 months of chemo when I was 25 and I thought the hardest part was waiting for it to start. So much you’re trying to get done with lots of anxiety and uncertainty. You mentioned in one post about the fear of losing your hair. I’m not gonna lie, that was the hardest part for me. Still, when it was over and grew back I had a whole new appreciation for it and I worry a lot less about how it looks after a haircut! You’re such a stylish mama, I’m sure you’re going to find lots of ways to make your head look darling. Be sure to buy a good drain cover too. The only thing worse than watching your hair come out in the shower is having to see it again as you pull it out of your clogged pipes!

  2. Thanks Chick.  I've been both shocked and saddened to hear about how many young moms have gone through this before me.  It's crazy.  Thanks for the support.  Much, MUCH appreciated.  xoxoxo

  3. Love your posts. I enjoy your blog so much. Your fashion tips, spunk, spirit and humor or such fun. I also thought this was you. 🙂
    Be well.

  4. My oldest went to preschool at the French school in Amman, and every single day I was amazed at how effortlessly chic the French moms looked. You could definitely pick the non-French out in a heartbeat, they were the ones who looked like they were trying too hard or not trying at all (yeah, the latter was usually me). I hope Raines loves kindergarten! I also read your blog religiously but rarely comment, but you and your family are in my thoughts frequently. I’m glad you have a little breathing space to help Raines get started in school before you have to start your treatment.

  5. Shana, I have been thinking of you so much in the last couple of months. Like the other person who commented, I kept meaning to comment and just didn’t. No time like the present… I remember that you wrote that you are starting chemo right after Raines starts kindergarten, which must be now. One of my dear friends has a personal motto of “I can do hard things” and, as a mama, we know that this message applies to all of us. You *will* make it through this, and my thoughts and prayers — and those of countless others — will be there to hold up you and your family.

  6. Hey there!
    I, too, think we could be sisters 🙂
    It does not happen often (never) to run into a mom who knows the words “Reggio Emilia” and has mixed feelings about letting her little Soul go to Kindergarten (even with that greaaaat teacher in that sooooo nice school, as everyone says).
    Well, at least this whole school thing will have me met you. And that is good.
    Yes for ice-cream after school on Friday!

  7. Awww. My oldest started kindergarten last week, and as she got on the bus I held it together. Then my two year old started to wail her name and I lost it. Luckily I think the bus had moved on by that point.
    I love your blog, and I hope your treatments go well. I”ve stepped up my fashion game as a stay at home mom/ very part-time working mom, and I even found a moto sweater jacket thingy that I styled up on my way to the docs for a checkup. You’ve inspired me to finally get screened for a heart defect that runs in my family. My father’s doctor recommended I get screened, like, a year ago, but I’ve been too chicken. You’ve given me the courage. Thanks!

  8. Good luck with your chemo! You are in my thoughts!
    I love all your style posts and look forward to new posts all the time.
    But this look does not hit the spot for me. Maybe because I do not know what chic is? Or maybe because I knew that if I were to wear the same things, my husband would say I was dowdy! But it definitely does suit Francine.

  9. Truly your French counterpart. Thought it was you for sure, until I read though the post. Very chic indeed. I wish I had that kind of easy style.
    Love this blog. 🙂

  10. Love Francine’s outfit, the embroidered blouse (I have a weakness for peasant blouses), the espadrilles (so chic), and I just love France. Ahhh.

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