Mom Street Style – Grace’s White Maternity Denim Before and After Baby


Ooooo….Mamas, I love this:

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This is Grace, from Camp Patton.  Grace writes:

My name is Grace and I'm here to tell you that it's okay to wear your last pair of ill-fitting (albeit still fitting!) maternity pants for the last several and consecutive joyful days of your pregnancy. I'm also here to tell you that it's okay to wear your last pair of ill-fitting (albeit still fitting) maternity pants home from the hospital and for those first several and consecutive joyful days of your new baby's life. 

I did…(and maybe still am). And…it's okay. 

Ummmm….it's more than OK!  Personally, I think that if the maternity denim still fits (and mine did for a loooong time)…then wear it.  (I actually wore a pair of maternity trousers to work..uh…two days ago.)

Also, can we talk about white denim in December?  As most of you know, I find rules in general annoying, especially so if they are "fashion rules".  Snore.  So obviously, I support wearing white…whenever you feel like it.  But what I hadn't realized (until seeing Grace's photos) is how amazingly festive white is – so perfect for the holiday season, no?  Grace could easily wear either look to a holiday get-together.  Or throw on a sparkly sweater and wear white pants to a cocktail party?  It would be so unexpected and such a fresh change from black.

Grace is wearing:  (Pregnant photo – Gap Maternity shirt via the Goodwill, Gap maternity pants, Banana Republic belt, Target shoes….Postpartum  photo – Gap Maternity pants, Target shirt, Michael Kors sweater via Goodwill, Target shoes….on baby Sebastian – pumpkin hat knit by a very talented friend and an outfit from Goodwill.)

Ok – but here's the fun part:  Grace submitted these pics to us…but what she doesn't know is that we were already planning to feature her on Mom Street Style!  A few months ago, reader Jenny alerted us to Grace's fabulous blog, and had these kind words to say:

I wanted to direct your attention to a fab mom blogger named Grace who blogs at Camp Patton and does these a-mazing little 'Before and After' series on her Goodwill transformations.  I think she uses magic or something but her 'after' shots are glam enough to make you weak in the knees.  Also, she is currently 8 months preggo and still a heck of a lot more pulled together than I can manage for weddings, corporate events, etc.  

So go check out Grace's blog.  I think you'll love it.  (I know we do!!)

Thanks to both Grace and Jenny!!





  1. White and I aren’t on good terms. No matter how careful I am, spaghetti sauce or salsa or chocolate etc ends up on me. Even when I’m not the one eating it! But it is sooo pretty.

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