Mom Street Style: Gwen’s Babywearing, Spring Transition Outfit (And Upcoming Giveaway Info…)


IMG_2137 Readers, I ran into Gwen at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  It was one of those "warm? cold? now warm again?  Nope – there's the wind!!" kind of days.

Gwen looked adorable and perfectly dressed for the weather in her soft gray and stripes.

Here's what I'm loving:

1.  When in doubt, go striped.  I'm always amazed at how much stripes can lighten up a whole outfit — even under an Ergo!

2.  Lighten up!  Swap out your dark-wash denim for a lighter wash, or gray.  The whole outfit will feel more Spring-like.

3. Monochrome bottom – keeping your footwear and legs in the same color family (or same tone) visually lengthens legs. 

Gwen's top is the maritime J.Crew hoodie I've been coveting for a while, her skinny cargos are from Brass Plum (Nordstroms) and her boots are the infamous Ugg Cardys.

Now, about that giveaway…

Soooo…a while ago, dear readers, many of you asked us to bring back our Mom Street Style articles, which we had stopped doing.  (I was too pregnant to move, much less snap pics.)  So we brought them back.  Happily, stylish mamas are everywhere (and you guys have been nice enough to send us pics – all which will be posted eventually)…and we're now falling behind! 

Which I love.  However, with so much amazing mom style inspiration out there (including our very stylish readers who have their own blogs)…we just want to share it.  All of it.  So.  We're enhancing our Mom Street Style to include Linkups!! 

Starting in two weeks, all of our Mom Street Style articles will have a link-up feature.  If you'd like to participate, all you have to do is c'mon over here and leave a link back to your pic – on your blog, Flickr account, whatever.  So….starting in two weeks, not only will you see a featured Mom Street Style pic from us, but you'll also see links (and thumbnails) of our very stylish readers and their favorite outfit pics!  Win-win, right?  And to make this even more fun, we'll kick the whole thing off with a giveaway.  What are we giving away?  Well…not to spoil the surprise…but if you like denim, you'll like this giveaway.

So getcha pics ready.




  1. how do you do cute stripes like pictured when you have a new mama pooch? I just feel like it accentuates the fact that I look 6 mos preggers even though I’m 3 mos post partum!

  2. I actually love stripes postpartum! I think if you have the right proportion stripe for your body (smaller for petite, wider for taller girls, etc.) it can be very concealing. I also like my striped shirts to have some stretch to them – drapey stripes don’t work so much for pooch hiding…
    And Gwen is rocking comfy and chic stripes!

  3. Ann – Tysie’s point is a good one! Another thought: I have a striped tee with a banded waist bottom that conceals nicely. There’s enough fabric blousing out that the pooch is (mostly) concealed, and the striped pattern helps to conceal it further. Finding the right shirt is key. I’ll be so glad when I get rid of this stinkin’ pooch…several years from now. 🙂

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